The wait is OVER! Meg Turney unleashes PLAYBOY photo shoot and behind the scenes video and the fans go wild.

Yes that’s right the wait is finally over and Meg Turney has released her playboy photo shoot. Stockings and Suspenders, green bikini, short shorts and crop tops are all revealed in Meg’s latest photo shoot with playboy.

NEWSFLASH: Take a look at Meg Turney 1,000,000 fan photo shoot with the Chive which has just been released


Here are a few of our favourite shots from the Meg Turney Playboy shoot, simply click on your favourite image to enlarge

Meg Turney Playboy Shoot

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PREVIOUS ARTICLE: Meg seems to be very cloak and dagger about this shoot. At present the only photo released has been the photo above which features Meg Turney alongside playboys girl gamers @PamelaHorton13 and @AmeliaTalon. Maybe it’s a 3 person  shoot featuring sexy girl gamers (Fingers crossed)?

Although Meg says this is not a nude shoot, she later says she will have her panties on. Do this mean Meg is going TOPLESS? In our recent interview with Meg Turney, we asked Meg If we keep our fingers crossed will we see more sexy Meg Turney photo shoots? to which Meg replied,

I’ve got 3 in the next month! You’re going to get sick of me!

Sorry Meg, but we can never get sick of you. So after stalking looking at her facebook account we saw the notification that gave us all goosebumps and the tingly feeling of  excitement. Meg Turney wrote,

So, remember that secret shoot I’ve been excited about? Well, it’s happening THIS FRIDAY and I got the go-ahead to share what it is. How about a cheeky peak first? (Also, to just go ahead and answer the #1 question: The shoot is NOT a nude shoot.)

The cheeky first peak Meg posting with this announcement was the picture below.

playboy meg turney

It’s pretty obvious that this is the Playboy logo right? And that’s when it hit us. Is Meg going to do a TOPLESS Playboy shoot and follow in the footsteps of Kim Kardashian, Pamela Anderson, Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss?

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A topless playboy shoot with Meg Turney will surely break the internet and we are ever so excited to see the results.

This page will be updated live with new info and photos as they get released so WATCH THIS SPACE.

Maybe this old Avenger Bunny photo shoot might hold similarities to the all-new Playboy shoot once its live?

FYI when Meg said I’ve got 3 shoots this month, the first one was a visit to The Chive and the photos will be released when Meg’s facebook account reaches 100,000 likes, but heres a preview below.

And the 2nd one was the all important Meg Turney Me In My Place 2015 photo shoot.

Happy Friday! Here's the last MIMP teaser I have! Enjoy!

It’s exciting time for Meg Turney fans everywhere.

p.s. Don’t forget that Meg Turney was named the 20th SEXIEST WOMEN IN THE WORLD via FHM and come in only 1 place below Beyonce.

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