When Misha B sings, we listen. She entered last year’s X Factor unaware her life would never be the same again, and despite finishing fourth, her second-to-none powerhouse vocals and natural talent captivated us. Let’s face it, the road to fame isn’t an easy one, but this star was born to entertain. Ahead of her return to the X Factor 2012 Live Tour, Flavour just has to meet the girl with the outstanding voice and hair and find out who are her fantasy judges for this year’s show…

How are you adjusting to life after your X Factor experience?
It’s a bit like one door closing and now another has opened on a similar wave, because it’s all revolving around music. I have been gigging a lot in and around the UK, writing in the studio as well as recording and just preparing for what is yet to come.

Every week many of us felt the urge to lift you out of our TVs to give you a hug. However, you did take your elimination really well. Were you relieved at the time to leave the competition or were you hoping to make it to the finals?
I am known for giving good hugs [laughs]. But part of me was hoping to make it into the finals because I wanted to do a duet with Kelly. I believe nothing ever happens before its time, and that was my time to go.

Your mentor Kelly Rowland has said since the show that she will continue to support you. What’s your relationship like now? Are you still in contact?
Yeah, totally, I was on the phone to her yesterday, talking about life in general and making things happen.

Can we expect a Misha B and Kelly Rowland collaboration?
Yes, maybe, maybe…

As much as you will be remembered for tantalizing us with your music, we will also keep in mind the controversial comments made about you by Tulisa and Louis. Looking back now, are you still upset or have you moved on?
I have definitely moved on, as I believe each experience in life gives you something to learn, and I learnt a lot. They also helped me to better the person that I am right now.

How do you feel about the tour?
I am a bit excited and nervous at the same time as it’s a whole new experience. I’m just hoping to go into it and gain the best experience that I can. It’s also actually quite scary as we’ll be playing over 50 venues.

Who are you most looking forward to seeing again?
I can’t wait to see Marcus, Ashford [The Risk] and Johnny Robinson.

You had quite a brilliant exit performance. How did it feel hearing the crowd chanting your name and celebrities supporting you on Twitter?
Everything has just been surreal. I was saying the other day, it felt as if I went from being in a different world and now back down to earth. I sometimes question if it even happened because it doesn’t feel real. It was all very weird.

Since you left the show there have been countless rumours that you’re in talks with record labels. How’s the future looking? An album maybe?
It’s looking very bright and as long as music lives on, so will I. You can expect a lot of music from me to suit everyone’s taste and mood, with no specific genre.

Throughout the competition, you satisfied our viewing every week with your unique costumes and hairstyles. How would you describe your style?
In terms of my hair, I think it reflects my culture and me being black. I also think what surprised the public was nobody or any previous black contestants on the show had their hair similar to mine. My style is my way of expressing myself alongside my hairstyles.

How did you feel about the press attention that you received?
I believe people are going to talk whether you’re doing good or bad. At the time, nothing around me didn’t matter because my focus was my music and will remain to be my music.

You said on The Xtra Factor that you’re interested in acting. With this in mind, you would be perfect in the upcoming remake of The Bodyguard or even in EastEnders as Patrick’s long last daughter?
Whitney Houston’s role in The Bodyguard would be a big thing to take on. [Interview before Whitney’s passing]. I would be blessed to be a part of something like that. Who knows? Any experience is good. Speaking of EastEnders, I met Fatboy a couple of weeks ago, which was amazing. I was very star-struck.

We have to talk about your recent Twitter dialogue with Missy Elliott. She Tweeted, ‘Congratulations to all the SUCCESS that will be coming 2 u! U R talented.’ Are you still in touch?
Yeah, and hopefully we’ll be working together sometime very, very soon.

The ‘B’ in your name, what’s the meaning behind it?
It actually means believe – keep believing in what you do.

What was your highlight from The X Factor?
My happiest moments were being on stage performing. I don’t think there was one specific highlight apart from the whole experience, which was really worthwhile. In some way, everybody played a part in making the whole experience useful, whether a negative turned into a positive.

There are still rumours as to who will be the judges on this year’s X Factor. Who would your fantasy line-up of judges be?
Missy Elliott, Michael Jackson, Beyoncé and Barack Obama…

Misha B is appearing on The X Factor Live Tour 2012, for tickets go to www.bookingsdirect.com or call 0844 338 0000



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