For weeks you’ve watched them on your TV screen, you’ve voted for them on your mobile, you’ve tweeted and facebooked your favourites, now you can see the final 9 stars of The X Factor live in person at some of the country’s biggest arenas on The X Factor 2012 Live Tour, which kicks off in Manchester on February 25th. Here Janet Devlin, Marcus Collins, Misha B and some of our favourite stars from the show reveal how their life has changed since leaving the talent competition.

Janet Devlin: It’s changed drastically really. Well not Family life or anything of that sort it’s just things like when you want to go somewhere. So having a normal life is harder. But I still have all my friends so I can be normal with them.

Amelia Lily: My life has gone crazy since the x factor! I’m working with people who I could never imagine to be working with! I’ve met some incredible people and been on the go non stop and loving every single minute of it! God bless you all for believing in me!

Johnny Robinson: It’s given me the opportunity to focus and progress in my life and it’s put me in a position I have never been fortunate to be in before and hopefully progress in the music industry.

Misha B: Since leaving the X Factor it was surreal and now it is reality I’ in the pond playing with big fishes.

Kitty Brucknell: My life has changed so much! There’s so much going on with my career now, I’ve been given the greatest platform in the world and I’m not going to stop – just keep on out there and fighting 🙂

I’m doing the x factor tour as well, what an incredible experience, to perform in all these big arenas, it’s a dream come true.

Charlie Healy from The Risk: Unbelievably, it has changed so much I was working before for minimum wage fixing computers 9 hours a day 5 days a week and now I am singing for aliving, it’s what dreams are made of!

Derry Mensah from The Risk: Massively, six months ago I was working in Burger King and now I am doing what I love, working in music so it’s a huge change for me

Andy Merry from The Risk: My life has changed dramatically, I never even thought I’d be doing a photo shoot in my life never mind about embarking on an arena tour. It has definitely changed my life for the better

Marcus Collins: It’s changed completely, who 6 months ago was working in a hairdressers in Liverpool and now I have recorded my first single and about to go on a huge arena tour, life doesn’t get better.

Jessy from Little Mix: Since we won X Factor it has been a massive whirlwind, we have been in the studio recording our album and our first single, we’ve been doing gigs, it is the dream job.

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Photography: James Mead




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