Flavour catches up with Natalie who placed 2nd in the annual Miss Flavour contest at Café De Paris on the 9th of November. Flavour talks to Natalie about preparation, friends she made and lots more.

How did you prepare for the contest?
I prepared for Miss flavour by taking on board all the things I had learnt in rehearsals I basically practised and practised until I felt more confident , everything from walking to posing. I also watched Miss World to get some tips on beauty pageants and thought long and hard about my outfit choices and made sure that everything was flattering to my body shape and that what I wore would stand out on stage.

Apart from yourself, who would you have liked to win?
To be honest I think every girl had a good chance of winning and I think any one of us deserved it everyone was so friendly supportive and helpful. I can’t pick just one I liked so many of the girls it’s tough.

What did you think of the other girls?
I thought the girls were great usually in something like this you’d expect the girls to be quite competitive and in it for themselves but everyone worked together giving each other advice and support. It was a great atmosphere and I definitely think I’ve made some great friends

What part of the contest did you like most? Pose off/Catwalk etc?
I think my favourite part was the catwalk that’s probably the part where I felt most comfortable. I think the buzz of the crowd and all the cameras going off was unreal

What famous models inspire you the most?
I love the Victoria Secrets models I’ve always been a fan of there catwalk shows  especially the likes of Gisele Bundchen, Trya Banks and Naomi Campbell I love the fact that they body’s are athletic looking. The work they produce is what inspires me about them and their figures

Why did you decide to enter the comp?
I entered the competition because I wanted the opportunity to get involved with Flavour Magazine and thought it would be good opportunity to meet all the team and network. Also the prizes definitely helped tempt me lol

What are you doing now to achieve and better your modeling career?
At the moment I’m working on a majority of different projects some to do with modelling and others to do with marketing/advertising. I hope to set up a website and blog and have some shoots set up for that in December so I’m looking forward to them at the moment

If you could have done something better on the night, what would it be?
I don’t think there was much more I could of done I was pleased with what I done and happy to have came 1st runner up to Amy. I suffer with nerves though so I do wish I had of been a bit more relaxed and enjoyed it instead of worrying I was going to fall over lol

Who did you get along with most?
I got along with all the girls but Helen was probably the one most similar to my self. We shared a hotel on the night of the show as were both from outside of London and plan to met up again soon for a night out she was a lovely girl and well definitely keep in touch

What did you take away from this experience?
I had a great experience the competition gave me the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. I definitely learnt from the experience I took away the confidence to speak in public on a microphone and have perfected my catwalk

What advice would you give aspiring models, and young girls entering comps like Miss Flavour?
The best advice I can give is to be confident and be yourself always in all modelling jobs and if you’re considering going for miss flavour DO IT!! Who knows you could win you’ve got to be init to win it remember


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