yondie-murray1Name: YONDIE MURRAY

Nickname: YONZ

Stats: 32 -25-35



Myspace page:

Why did you enter the Miss Flavour competition? I entered the competition because I wanted a challenge and a new experience. The Miss Flavour competition was one that didn’t fit the regular stereotype of what a model should be.

How were the other contestants?
They were absolutely lovely. We bonded together as a family unit and we all helped each other out in whatever way we could. I feel like I have made some real friends for life.

What was the best part of the night?
The best part of the night was also the most daunting part of the night which was the ‘the bikini round’. I was so nervous going up, but as I got on the stage the crowd were really encouraging so I relaxed and enjoyed it.

Who do you think should have won?
Naturally everyone including me who entered the competition wanted to win. We all worked very hard trying to perfect our images and posture and our speeches. But on the night you can never be sure.

Why do you think the judges choose you as the winner?
Someone told me I looked the most professional; another person said they liked what I said in my speech. I haven’t spoken directly to the judges about their decision so you would have to ask them. I’m just really happy that they did choose me.

What qualities do you have that make you a good model?
I am very keen on being professional at all times. I feel like this makes up a big part of modeling. Modeling is not just about looks. I try and find things that suit me; be that a photo shoot, a video, a competition to enter or even an outfit to wear. I think as a model you have to be very honest with yourself and know what to go for.  Overall I think my personality makes me a good model as I am very down to earth.

yondie-murray2What plans do you have for 2008? I am currently doing an art and design course and then I’m off to university. I’m working on my website, I’ve got some shoots lined up, I’m rehearsing for a short film and I also have a few special projects that I am working on which will be revealed later on in the year. Feel free to check out my myspace for updates.

What’s your life ambition?

My life ambition is to be successful. I see myself as an all rounder but I love presenting and acting. To make it in those fields would be a dream come true.

The event was about gaining the entrants attention in the UK entertainment scene have you had any work since taking part in the competition? If yes what?
Some of the highlights have been being a lead girl in IceCold Yeah video directed by Ben Peters. I’ve done a few shoots most notably with photographer Mike Marlowe. I am currently rehearsing for a short film called ‘Creativity vs Crime’ directed by Namure Aibangbee. I’ve been out and about a lot to some fabulous parties and a lot more people recognize me.

My favourite part of my body is:
a) My bum
B) My legs
C) My boobs
D) My abs
E) Other

All the above, I am really comfortable with my image and my body. Though being a bit taller wouldn’t hurt.

The greatest compliment I have ever been paid is:
“You have the potential to be a model.” this gave me the confidence to go for it

I feel sexiest in:
A) Jeans and a cute top
B) mini-skirt
C) Nothing
D) Lingerie
E) Sexy dress

I’d rather live without: The congestion charge.

You’d be shocked to find out I’d never: Watched an episode of LOST or HEROES.

My favourite thing to do in bed is: being on my laptop and checking my myspace and facebook pages –yes I am addicted!

I have a slight crush on: Denzel Washington

If I had to choose between love and my career: I’d choose CAREER because a loving partner would always support me in whatever I choose to do.

I don’t feel sexy unless I have:
A) my hair done
B) a bikini wax
C) A manicure or pedicure

D) Make-up
E) Other

Money can’t buy you happiness: but it does buy extremely hot shoes.

The most creative thing that I can do is: Draw, paint and design.

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Miss Flavour 2007 Yondie Murray has an exclusive chat with Souljah Boy.

Words by Annika Allen