No introduction is needed – literally. If you are a big fan of MTV and have a MySpace page you will be familiar with one of the biggest stars to emerge from the worldwide social networking site and who also later became a popular outspoken mutli-talented TV star.

DSC_3162editTila Tequila stared on MTV’s Reality Dating Show ‘A Shot at Love I and II’ shortly after confessing to her fans that she was in-fact bisexual. The dating show saw two consecutive seasons, where both 16 lesbian girls and 16 straight guys fought to win over the love and companionship of the sassy Singaporean-born singer and model. Tila Tequila – now known as a more mature Miss Tila nowadays, aims to focus on music, further business ventures and her newly launched celebrity blog site – which is well worth checking out. Flavour caught up with Tila Nguyen during her UK Tour this summer to discuss Nicki Minaj, Amber Rose, music, stalkers and her goals for the near future.

Hi Tila – How are you doing, is this your first visit to the UK?
Technically, the first time I was here was 6 years ago, so it’s been 6 years since I’ve been here, it’s like brand new again.

What do you think of the UK, the people and the hotspots?
Yeah I really like it. It’s very refreshing because living in LA it’s like everybody can be really fake and pretentious, here everybody’s really cool, – at the clubs we’ve been out partying every night – staying up till 6am, it’s been fun!

Can you do a British accent for us! [In well spoken English]
Of course darling what would you like me to say? I don’t really know and I don’t really care actually – can’t wait to go home! [Laughs]

Your first released song stayed on my MySpace page for weeks! Chicks love your vibe. Tell us more about your MySpace when you first started?
I did it myself. There’s nobody that can emulate me, if it was a manager or whatever then it would be kinda robotic, it was me and my personality – that’s what made it really big. So many people say ‘She’s just got big on MySpace by luck’ it’s not that – there’s so many girls, there’s like millions of people on there – and they have girls with sexy photos or whatever – I had a mouth on me! So I was posting blogs, going off on people, and just talking s**t and then people would come back like ‘Wow what’s going on?!’ and then it just spread and got really big because I was interesting and I was doing music and everything, so I guess people can tell like wow this girls getting somewhere..

On average how many friends request did you get per day?
When I first started it was 5 to 10 thousand a day at first I would have to sit there and accept accept accept!
And I was like I can’t do this! People started complaining like ‘Ohh you don’t wanna be my friend!’

I told Tom [the owner at the time] can you put an automatic accept and he was like ‘Well I can’t right now’ and I was like ‘Come on man! – You’re making me work..!’ I actually had to pay a few friends I will give you like 50 dollars if you can just help me..!

Do you have time for MySpace now?
I’m really busy – but because I’m very loyal to my fans – I keep up to date with everything, so I have my Facebook and then Twitter, MySpace, so when there’s news I try to update everybody on all social networks I have.

What do you think of Nicki Minaj?
I’m really good friends with Lil Kim and I’m loyal, so it’s like if you’re gonna bad mouth my friends – I’m not gonna be on your team. I think she just got really lucky – I mean she’s got her own swag she’s got her own style I give her props for that, but I think if you put her up against Lil Kim back in the day Lil Kim would stomp her!!

Who is your biggest inspiration?
It just changes because right now I don’t really have somebody that I would like to be like, but who inspired me to do music was Madonna and Tupac – [laughs loudly] which is totally different but I love Madonna back in the 80’s – people used to make fun of her they used to say that in the end Cyndi Lauper would still be here and in the end it was Madonna – and Lil Kim when she first came out..

Okay, Tupac or Biggie then?
Hello Tupac! I have every single magazine cover that he’s ever been in shrink wrapped untouched. I will never sell it, I moved to California because of him – his music ‘To Live and Die in LA’ everything was [Shouts] ‘WESTSIDE!’ [Laughs] I love Biggie too but Tupac inspired me to actually move out to LA.


Where did you move from?
I grew up in Houston Texas, different parts – first we grew up in the ghetto, my family came from Vietnam so we didn’t have any money or anything, [Shouts] ‘We were living the government cheddar!’ [Laughs]

When I turned 11 years old then we were able to live in middle class neighbourhoods and that’s when I got a little crazy! Then I just went everywhere on my own.

So you’re good now you’re happy?
Yeah I’m really good now yeah!

What to you is the sexiest song of all time for me its Prince ‘Kiss’?
Ohhh yes yes yes, I love the old school 90’s rnb like R Kelly, Jodeci. 90’s rnb is the best!

I also love the classic ones The Isley Brothers – Voyage to Atlantis. I mean all the Hip-hop stars today sample from The Isley Brothers, all the Biggie songs. [Sings *Between the Sheets…Laughs]

You are bisexual right so who do you think is the sexiest Amber Rose – Kim Kardashian – or Lady GaGa?
[Laughs hysterically] Lady? Lady? That’s not a lady honey!! I don’t know what that is! [Ahahaha]

I don’t know what that thing is… But that thing is interesting! I’m just kidding [Giggles] her music’s great! It’s so funny because before I got here I was just talking about Amber – she’s a friend of mine.

Amber or Kim?!
I would say Amber because she’s the only one that can rock the bald head it looks hot!


What’s on your iPod at the moment?
It’s all Tila Tequila music honey! I travel listening to my own music. I have so many different personalities and different styles so I like to put out various types of music.

Do you purchase albums?
I have like 1000 actual albums, you know how people these days just download from ITunes, I have a whole set of CD’s. The only thing that sucks about that – I recently moved, and it’s like I can’t take each one and upload it to into my ITunes because it takes so long, when I’m driving it’s like ‘Hey can you get my CD and put this…’ [Giggles] So I have the collection but I no longer use it – technologies moving so fast!

What’s the most recent album your bought?
There’s no good ones out these days [Sniggers]. I probably just bought a single on ITunes – I think that’s why some artists hate iTunes [Giggles]. You can actually listen to the album and pick out to the song you like as opposed to buying the full album.

The last one was probably the Lady Gaga one! I love M.I.A though, I love the video ‘Born Free’ it’s such a cool video have you seen it? You guys gotta see that! It’s awesome. There’s a message behind her music.

Speaking of M.I.A… Who’s your favourite UK Artist?
Amy Winehouse – I love her! I love her not only her music but I love the way she is, because a lot of people for instance Lindsay [Lohan] like with her case right now – we all know what you do! You might as well fess up to it and not give a *bleep* you know what I mean? Amy Winehouse doesn’t give a *bleep*
I really like her… Oh I like La Roux!

What is the most enjoyable aspect of your profession?
I travel so much that I literally live out of my suitcase, what I like the most about it is that – I decided to take control as opposed to having other people around me tell me what to do, tell me how to dress and tell me how to speak, ‘Oh you can’t do this you can’t do that!’ I decided to get rid of the people that..I don’t feel like you know what I mean? I love the fact that I can do what I want, I’m a mogul I started my own Celebrity Gossip Blog, I have people that I pay that work for me, I have a staff, I’m signing artists to my record label the first artist. I assigned somebody else but he messed up he leaked the music! I’m my own boss I’m doing the managing thing – that to me is really cool. It’s even better than me being in the spotlight. I love the fact that I can book people and get my artist out there and it feels good because I’m helping others now – and that’s what I love.


Excellent. What else is in the pipeline for you?
I already have one book out, all my fans really want to hear my autobiography because I wrote a little bit on my website, and they were like ‘You should have your autobiography out!’ because it’s so interesting the way I grew up its like two different stories, how I got to where I am – it’s basically the all American dream of my life story. How it all happened, how I came from nothing to something. Or this book of poetry that I have still from when I was 13 all the way till now. I also just signed a production deal for TV I’m deciding if I want to get back into that, because doing reality shows it takes a lot!

You did two seasons of ‘A Shot of Love’ didn’t you?
I quit for Season 3 because I don’t wanna do that. I signed the production deal for a TV show about my life as a mogul and to see how I can handle that. That would be about my real life. It’s a lot to be the centre of attention and you always have to figure out something interesting for the show and it’s like I don’t want to have to dictate my life through television – I like privacy.

I know that you have a lot of imitators, fake sites, profiles and such. Do you have a message for the haters?
Ohh God! The haters! My message for them is don’t mess with me because I have very powerful lawyers honey! [Laughs] There’s different levels. I’m very familiar with the haters, there’s some that you do enjoy you need them, but then there’s other ones – who get to the point where they’re obsessive stalkers. That’s not okay. I have that, and I’m going through a pending case right now – there’s crazy people out there! I actually had to move out of my house. I used to have a house in the Hollywood Hills – it was beautiful! A view of the sunset on top of the hill, and I had to move because of the stalkers. Being in the public eye – it has its pros and cons.

Tila’s personal message for her fans.

I’m really interactive with my fans, whoever wants to contact me fans or haters – they can come to my website It’s also a Celebrity Gossip site, We have breaking news, recently the biggest news that we had was about photos sent to me of P Diddy and Cassie butt naked! Scandalous photos! And we broke the news first! I answer all my emails, when you leave comments I chat back with my fans in the comments too. Facebook is and Twitter is @TilaOMG

My music is out right now on ITunes – ‘I Love My DJ’ you can check that out.

The EP ‘Welcome to the Darkside’ is also out on ITunes now

Tila’s Official MySpace is:

Interview by Kemi Giwa

Photography by Natasha Brown

Stylist : Mr Bradshaw

Stylist Assistant : Jasmine Furelid



  1. i love the picture of her doin the kissy face so
    great interview. i actually read the whole thing i love the isley brothers as well! favorite song between the sheets lil kim how many lickss lol.
    woo ! miss tila has great taste in music.
    love her.

  2. You need to better research. She's claiming she's getting her artists out there and in another UK interview she said she's about to sign an artist. An artist she claims to have signed months ago.

    This chick is a pathological liar and you're just encouraging her illness with your fluff piece and shoddy research. Such a shame.

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