mo good friends new shot

MO are the UK girl group that we should be showering with superlatives.

While previous girl groups from the UK must have had an impact on this trio there is something definitely different about the London based group M.O.

Mo’s latest single, Good Friends produced by Bless Beats (the title track for their forthcoming EP) is total 90’s energy-kind of makes you think of excellent girl groups from that time like; En Vogue, Brownstone and dare I say Destiny’s Child.

It’s an EP undoubtedly setting things up nicely for an album and each of the four tracks is an anthem in its own right. While there is a US feel to the EP it is most definitely UK with a feature by Yungen on Love The Most and further production services from Cadenza (produced for Ryan Leslie) and Heavytrackerz.

Mo have been around (in the fast pace of the music industry) a little while.

Importantly rather than stagnating at a certain level, they appear to be continually growing and progressing……the future looks bright whether in the UK, abroad or of course both.