moonshine saloon

Bring your own liquor to get into the undercover “Moonshine” Saloon and experience life in the Wild West!

Located on the King’s Road, Moonshine Saloon is the centre of an undercover moonshine empire, a mysterious underworld where everyone looks out for themselves and nothing is quite as it seems. Inspired by the captivating tales of the Wild West and its covert operations, Moonshine Saloon invites guests to bring their own liquor to be granted entry to the undercover saloon and into the world of moonshining.

moonshine saloon

Upon entering, apprentice moonshiners encounter a street that looks like it’s been plucked straight from the dusty towns of the Wild West. First stop is the local tailor, who will measure guests up for Stetson Hats and Cowboy gear, ensuring they don’t attract attention in the West for the wrong reasons.

moonshine saloon

You take in your own liquor and a team of amazing cocktail creators go to town on your beverages – creating bespoke drinks.

Visiting Hours:
Monday – Closed
Tuesday – Closed
Wednesday – Closed
Thursday – 6:15 -10:15
Friday – 6:15 – 10:15
Saturday – 12:15 – 11:00
Sunday – Closed

Booking Fee: £33.99 (1 hour 45 minutes inside the Saloon including 4 x cocktails using visitors liquor!) Book your tickets now at