steve-poleSteve Porter ~ Song writer, producer & musician with English blues/rock band Nice As Pie, started playing drums at the tender age of 9 and has had a passion for music ever since. Aside from being a musician, Steve is also a well established DJ with 25 years of club and radio experience under his belt.

Currently hosting his own show every Friday and Sunday on U.S.A’s Kansas city radio, Steve is also busy running his own record company ‘Doobie Music’ and the Denmark based recording studio ‘PIE Studio’.

‘It’s kind of an all in one package deal,’ says Steve… ‘I write the songs, produce them, record/mix & master them at PIE studio then play them on my radio show.’

What advice would you give people starting out in the music industry?
Have a few years experience under your belt.

And most importantly… write your own songs… there are millions of cover bands out there, so having your own material is a must.

You play the drums, this must keep you fit, what other exercise do you do?
I do a daily 30 minutes routine of weights and stretching… trying to stop everything from going south… I’m a black belt in karate, or should I say used to be… as I’m not of that standard any more… but at least I can still touch my toes without passing out… lol

I was also a serious body builder for many years and got to be quite huge. Although it’s been a few years since I trained that intensely…it’s amazing how muscles have a built-in memory when you start training again after a long break and bounce back into shape almost immediately.

A work out including cardio exercise of 1 hour, 3 times a week, should be enough to make a huge difference to your physique and fitness… (depending on the effort you put into it of course)

Do you have any daily nutrition must haves to balance your rock and roll life style?
Ah yes, the infamous Rock & Roll life style…. there’s no big secret here… just ‘everything in moderation’… everyone knows that it’s normally the best tasting foods that are usually bad for you… chips… pizza… burgers etc… I try to make weekend treats of these types of foods every once in a while, as I think if you deny yourself anything that’s supposedly bad for you ALL of the time then you’re going to get bored to death of eating salads really quickly. I tend to eat a lot of chicken breast or fresh white fish with an assortment of vegetables but no potatoes… (That’s a weekend treat) from Monday to Friday…. but the weekends are MINE!!… Where ANYTHING goes…moderation, right?

The simple fact is, there is no miracle pill that will make you thin, if you’re eating more calories than you are burning off, your body will store the excess calories as fat.

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Words by Lea James