Brit Asia TV followed music maker D-boy to the studio for his Flavour fashion shoot. “It’s been great doing Hollywood glam but day to day I’m toned down but still fly,” he states. D-boy’s music career began as a young boy playing drums at school as he got older progressing on to building a home studio. He went on to study sound production and for a Masters in marketing but music is his first and only love. “I’ve done demos for Estelle and worked with AC Burrell and Shabz (Music Kidz/So Solid)”. D-boy then formed a song-writing unit called Synergetic with Sharifa Shi and Chris ‘Marz’ Marsac. In 2005 they won ‘Overall Best Song’ with Reap what you Sow for the British Academy of Songwriters and Composers. He’s now landed a deal with VIP Urban and is excited about the future. “I don’t want to be the kind of producer that does everything that people expect.” So expect the unexpected from this rising hit maker in the future.