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Many people know who Ashley “Treasure” Theophane is. If you don’t he is a Boxer, who is making waves in the Entertainment Industry.

He has a 2010 Calendar out now which is for United Kingdom Charities; the British heart foundation, Cancer research UK & All-stars boxing club. Ashley lost his cousin Tyrone Theophane to a rare heart condition three years ago and had a family member pass away from cancer eighteen months ago. So Ashley is about giving back to charitable causes.

When you have celebrities always on the take it is very rare to get one who puts people before himself.

All-stars boxing club is where Ashley started boxing back in 1988. The founder Isola Akay who got an M.B.E from the Queen at the turn of the century has been an inspiring figure in the man known as Treasure as he grew from a boy to a man. So giving back to the club Ashley first laced on a pair of gloves was a no brainer.

In the last year, Ashley has been in California, Ireland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey & New York plying his trade adding notable wins to an impressive record that can only get better in the next few years. With wins over World, Commonwealth, English & African champions, Ashley has laid the groundwork and you can sense big things are the only way to go.

With a Documentary film being made about the man who is a star in the hood which has seen him named Hood Star.  Ashley got mixed up in criminal activities growing up and on his acquittal of an armed robbery charge which saw him jailed on remand for 6 months, he threw himself into his boxing and the rest is history. With boxing trips to Cuba, Germany, St.Lucia & America. He is seasoned.

Hi Ashley, are you excited about signing with Cestus management?
I was excited as I think they did great things for Mike Anouatis getting him big fights with Kendal Holt, Juan Urango, Ricardo Torres and Victor Ortiz. If I get that in the next few years I will be happy.

Are you worried about failing in America when you could have stayed in the United Kingdom and fought at a lesser level against British, Commonwealth & European Champions?
That was never my goal to fight for those three titles. I have turned down the chance to fight for the British Title twice last year as it is not something I feel I need to achieve.

In a few years time I may be interested but right now I am focused on the big pond not the kiddie’s playground puddle.

How do you think you will cope with the high expectations Cestus have for you?
I am not bothered with no one’s expectations except for mine as I box for me and no one else. No one has higher expectations of me than myself  so I will cope just fine. I have high expectations for them to deliver for me so the pressure is also on them to do their job and get me the big fights I want.

Are you excited about mixing with A-list fighters?
If the fights can be made I am willing and able.

Fighting A list fighters is what I have always wanted. Its about getting into the mix. I have tried to get fights with Zab Judah, Derrick Gainer, Souleymane M’baye, Juan Diaz, Victor Ortiz, Carlos Quintana and Lamont Peterson.

Beating former English Champion Alan Bosworth in 2007 scared away British fighters and beating former World Champion Demarcus “Chop Chop” Corley in 2008 made American fighters weary of me.

If Cestus management could make any fights this year for you. Who would be on your wish list?
I would say, being realistic. Guys like Vivian Harris, Juan Diaz, Victor Ortiz, Lamont Peterson, Kendal Holt, Nate Campbell and Mike Arnouatis. I think I would beat them all day long.

I would even go to Canada to fight Herman Ngoudjo as I feel I could cause an upset there.

Are you satisfied with your career so far, or is there more to achieve?
No, I am not satisfied. Where I am is positive. I have climbed up the ladder and I am known all over the world from America to Australia to Africa. I am a Worldwide brand but there is so much more I can achieve and do in my career.

I would either like to retire with 50 wins or 50 fights on my record. I grew up with the old school fighters who had one hundred fights. So I would be happy with hitting the half-century mark.

We’ll see how active Cestus can keep me as in the past 6 years I had 29 fights which were around 5 fights a year. Which is a good ratio. I have fought in Britain, America, St.Lucia and Germany in that time so my team Hood Stripes fronted by Mr Warren have done a great job so far but its time for the next level which I relish.

Do you feel that you have received the recognition you deserve in your career?
I feel so! That’s why World Title challenger Dmitriy Salita flew me across the Atlantic when he was the number one contender in the World and the European champion Paul McCloskey flew me to Ireland. I am respected by my peers which is a great feeling.

I am known in the Boxing World but it’s all about fighting top names in my sport and something which drives my desire to succeed every day.


Have you ever been tempted to alter your boxing style to suit a more television-friendly market?
I have always liked watching fighters like Pernell Whitaker, Willie Pep, Roy Jones Jr and Floyd Mayweather Jr. Some people think they are or were boring but I enjoy watching stylish fighters and that has always influenced me. They use their brains and box intelligently something I try to do.

Paul Malignaggi can not break an egg but he wins fights with speed, skill and ring generalship and is successful.

What’s the secret to longevity in Boxing?
Looking after yourself, eating good and living a clean life. I am a certified nutritionist and dietitian so I know what I have to eat to get the best out of my body. I use HIGH5 vitamins, sports & energy bars, For Goodness Shakes which is good for refuelling your body after gruelling workouts and Wellman Sport which gives me all the vitamins and minerals I need to perform to my best.

Who is the most fanciable female boxer?
Lucie Riiker was nice. No current one comes to mind but I don’t follow women’s boxing too much.

Muhammad Ali’s daughter Laila Ali is good looking.

Do you have a New Look fashion gem in your wardrobe?
Right now! Its all about Hoodstar UK Clothing which is my brand but other than myself Lamis Khamis and her range is different and doing big things Worldwide.

What would you give your looks out of 10?
Don’t really think about that even though I take pride in my appearance. I leave it to the others to make that judgement.

How do you normally shape up for a fight?
I go gym nearly every day. I take a day off every two weeks. I put in anything from 20 hours to 25 on a good week. So I try to push my body through the pain barrier. I am a morning person so I am normally up at 6.30am to do my hill runs or sprints. After breakfast which would consist of oats and plenty of fruit with some Wellman sport vitamin tablets I go to the gym and do a strength conditioning workout followed by a swim. I try to add in Pilate’s and yoga once a week each.

Within 15 minutes of my morning workout at the gym, I have a For Goodness Shakes as it has the protein and carbs I need to refuel my body.

For lunch, I normally have my biggest meal of the day which can consist of fish or chicken with pasta, potatoes or rice.  I eat around five times a day. I am never hungry which is the way to be. I either snack on HIGH5 energy or sports bar and some cashew nuts. I normally do my Boxing workout in the evening. I switch around my sessions when I am sparring. I like to do my sparring in the morning when I feel fresher. During the day I normally write my novel Raised by the hood or just relax. The week of the fight I normally just stay sharp and watch what I eat carefully. I try to digest a high protein and carbohydrate diet so I am full of energy for my fight and ready to go to battle.

Who would be your ideal celebrity lady?
I would say Lark Voohies, Salma Hayak and Stacey Dash. I am feeling Meegan from Coronation Street now even though I don’t watch the show.

Who would you like to be stuck in an elevator with?
Barrack Obama and Louis Farrakhan. They are two of the best public speakers I have heard. They are both an inspiration. So I would say them.

What are your New Year’s resolutions?
I don’t smoke or drink. I go gym so I don’t know what is left to do. I just want to keep living my life and keep setting myself goals to achieve each year.

I achieved things last year that I didn’t plan to do but certain things out of my control happened and I had to make a plan B.

Mistakes will always be made but I try to make that mistake once and learn from them.

Christmas has just past. What celebrity lady would you like to kiss under the mistletoe?

Let’s go with actress-singer-dancer Katerina Graham. She is talented, educated and beautiful which is what I am attracted to.

What is your fondest Christmas memory?
My late Godmother Dorothy Edwards was like a second mother to me. I spent nearly every weekend there as a kid. She would throw big Christmas dinner parties every year. I loved it. I would have a feast there. Christmas reminds me of the times I shared with her.

What are your hopes for 2010?
Just to keep grinding hard. 2009 overall for me was productive and I would like to continue with the progress I am making in life.

You started Boxing as a seven year old child. How long until you walk away?
From when I can not perform to the best of my abilities and hold my own, I will walk away. I want to have no regrets.

What’s the last book you read?
Power Food by Susan M. Keller, I have just finished. It was interesting as I have to put the right foods in my body to keep performing at the highest level and refuel my body after hard workouts. I am a certified nutritionist and dietitian but it is always good to refresh one‘s mind.

Currently I am reading Paths of Glory by Jeffery Archer. He is my favourite author

How’s your Raised by the Hood novel coming along. I am hearing great things from people who have read a few chapters?
The novel is going great. I am not rushing it out as It is my first I want it to be really good but people like it and it has so many different topics so it will be a great read. It will be a must have.

There are diaries in it from when I was nine years old, a teenager, an inmate and my boxing diaries will also be included that where never published.

Raised by the hood is very graphic and x rated but I want to bring the rawness of my past to this novel.

You are being filmed for a documentary. Why?
Film maker Wesley Mcleod likes my story and asked me if he could make a documentary about my life. Past, present and future.

There are many kids who have had my background but not had the focus to make their dreams into reality. Most of them are sitting behind some bars in Her Majesty‘s Prisons. So I am a representation of what they could have done been given the chance to.

It will follow me in America and Britain. I do things one way and that is BIG.

2010 Calendar! Please tell me more.
I had an idea to do a Calendar for Charity whilst in Jubilee gym in London one morning. I couldn’t’t wait to finish as I had so much going through my mind.

First thing I did was call CEO from Hoodtwinz Entertainment who was happy to be a partner in this project and I contacted my friend and confident Rara Digga who also came on board.

Lamis Khamis agreed to be coordinator and head stylist for photo shoot. Ebony Burrows and Katie Scioscia did their thing styling the models as well and helping with ideas for the concepts. Katie was also stylist for the Urban Ink magazine photo shoot and she is doing her thing with UK magazines also.

Karl Lake, Michael Stuart Daley, Paul Soso and Jennie Bapiste where the photographers for the Calendar. I wanted all different styles and they are all talented at what they do.

Jal Clarke’s Icon Stylist’s came down from Brighton 7am and did their thing, hair styling. They where incredible.

UK Swagger filmed behind the scenes which was great and We had pieces in a few newspapers and magazines.

I have some of the top UK models in this Calendar. It is better than most you see in Tesco, HMV and WHSmith. Jakki Degg who is a total professional came through. Nickita Martin who is also in the Urban Ink magazine piece I did showed love. Bianca Simmone, Melody Ellington, ,UK Stunner Pia Brown, DJ Ess Dot, Entrepreneur Siobhan Lewis, Singer Kimberly Ali all took part plus loads more beautiful women.

Wayne Louis designed the calendar. He is doing his thing in the media Industry. So I had the A Team involved at all levels of this project.

Where can we buy this 2010 Calendar as it sounds very tantalising?
From my website www.ashleytheophane.com, www.allstars-gym.co.uk and all good retail stores in Brooklyn and London.

Its for charity so all profits go to The British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK and All Stars Boxing Club.

Will there be a 2011 Hoodstar~Hoodtwinz Calendar as I would love to see round 2 as you have some beautiful girls in the Calendar. You have good taste in women Ashley.
I do indeed Jesse. Thank you! I am not sure. I only did it as I knew Boxing would be slow for a couple months but I did this project at such a large scale. It took hundred of hours of my time and has lasted the rest of the year. I will see how things are in 2010 otherwise I may take a year out and come back big for 2012. This 2010 Calendar is a collectors item and I am happy and appreciate everyone who have purchased one. The money does not go into my pocket. It goes to the charities.

My cousin died from heart problems and I miss him a lot and many people die from Cancer so its about the charities not me.

My next Calendar I am considering doing it for charities for domestic violence towards women as this is another subject that means a lot to me.

You have modelled yourself in the past. Why did you not pursue that?
I personally find it boring. I have modelled for John Galliano and Lamis Khamis’s Secret Circus.

I was in the shop window of Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge, which I liked though.

I came runner up in a Man of the year award in London which I had to walk down the runway. Girls screaming at me, that’s not for me(laughs).

Right now you are in American magazine Urban Ink which is out now in England and the United States. They have had hip hop stars like Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Baby, Ludacris, Maino and Trina in their publication.

No British Entertainer, Sports or Pop star has been in it before. You are the first. That’s kind of big.
Yeah it is. It just shows what I am doing is appreciated Worldwide. I have been in Black men magazine before which is another big magazine in the States. I was in their section for Men of the year and that was back in 2005 when I was a baby in the game. I was even in a German magazine which was about lifestyle. I didn’t understand the article but I had a double page spread so I can’t complain.

It’s a great five page spread on me in Urban Ink. All my supporters can buy a copy from www.urbanink.com.

I am going to be cheeky and call you an Icon. You are a professional Boxer who has fought in St.Lucia, Germany, America and in England. You have beaten fighters who have been World, English, African and Commonwealth champions.

You have a 2010 Calendar out now in aid of Cancer Research UK, The British Heart Foundation and All-stars Boxing Club. You are writing a novel and being filmed for a documentary.

What are you not doing?
I am just trying to live my life and make the most of it. I am not supposed to be where I am today.

Life is for living and I am living my life to the full.

I have friends and family members behind bars. It is not nice but it is part of life where I come from.

You just have to roll with the punches.

Someone like you is a positive person for the kids to gather inspiration from.

I wish you luck in the future. Is there anything you wish to say before we wrap this up?
I would like to thank Rock-it Tattoos, Wellman, HIGH5 and For Goodness Shakes  for their continued support.

My 2010 Calendar which was made with the backing of Hoodtwinz Entertainment is available to buy from different retail stores and from www.ashleytheophane.com and www.allstars-gym.co.uk

Words by Jesse Shannon
Photography by Karl Lake