mz brattMz Bratt, one of the hottest female emcees on the scene right now, rocks up in Anuvahood as the feisty Shay who has an instant connection with the hapless Kay. With her first film role and new single Get Down causing a stir we caught up with the starlet to find out how she maintains her stunning looks with such a busy schedule.

Hair 101
My hair is naturally curly so that’s how I tend to wear it. Its hard to look after cos its quite wild. Although today the lovely hairstylists straightened it for me. I’m really funny about letting people touch my hair and until this year no hairdresser had cut my hair for 10 years! I used to cut it myself. But girls go get your hair trimmed every 8 weeks don’t be like me! I love Aussi shampoo. And I’m addicted to leave in conditioner, when you blow dry your hair with that it keeps it nice and moisturized.

Bright Sparks
I love strong colours for nails and lipstick like oranges and hot pinks. This is just a new thing for me though cos I’m the kind of girl who smudges her nails before they even have a chance to dry.

Eye’s Spy
I’m all about bringing focus to my eyes so on a normal day I’ll use loads of mascara, liquid liner and black eyeliner. Rimmel London do great products. I hate spending too much money on make- up as long as it does the job I’m happy!

Skin Essentials
My favourite products are Origins face-wash and coco butter. That’s all I use I just like everything easy and low maintenance.

Body Talk
My favourite body part is my chest. I love it because I have a small frame but I’m actually a 32DD! Not that I walk around with them out or anything though! You’ll normally catch me in a baggy jumper. It’s good to be proud of the body part you love the best. It’s not always necessarily your boobs or your bum, it could be your eyes, lips, arms- whatever. My least favourite body part is definitely my nails. I bite them all the time, it’s down to stress!

Words by Mary Bello