Inspired by the game that has taken over during the pandemic, ‘Spaceman’s Ugly’ is the fun and catchy debut single from pop singer Nahia.

Taking her name from the Basque region in Spain where her mother is from, Nahia is serving us some good old pop. Unashamedly catchy, ‘Spaceman’s Ugly’ is inspired by the online game ‘Among Us’ and we can’t get it out of our heads!

Guided by her Dad and his love for vintage pop, Nahia is letting nothing get in her way! At only eight years old, she is releasing her debut single, the addictively catchy ‘Spaceman’s Ugly’.

A superfan of good pop tunes, Nahia is turning her extensive creative talents to music, with plenty more videos and songs expected to come over the coming months as she teams up with Ouch! Media.