naomi-chanTo outsiders the music industry appears to be this world of glitz and glamour where the work is fun, you make tons of money and live large, but what people don’t see is the hard work that the artists put in. Pop/r ‘n’ b singer Naomi Chan is working towards one day being rich and famous, she has worked with top US producer Chucky Thompson (Notorious B.I.G, Faith Evans, Nas) and is working on an album due out this year. The 22-year old Essex girl chats to Flavour to give you an insight into her daily grind as she works towards future pop stardom.

“I’ve been obsessed with music from the age of 5. All the other jobs I’ve done I did because I had too but this I do because I love it.

Currently there is no record deal but I am signed to a production company. At the moment I’m trying to reach out to as many people as possible with my music. We are in the process of putting together a grass roots PA tour, we have a video completed and also the Myspace is a great way of reaching out to people around the world. I’m quite addicted to it and the direct feedback to my music on there has been great.

My music is funky and feel good. I have a great team around me helping me to achieve my goals writers and producers etc. I don’t like defining my music as one thing because it seems to then make people put me in a box. Therefore I think that makes it kind of interesting if I do various styles under the pop/urban banner. Great songs, fantastic production with a strong female attitude, without being a man hater coz I’m definitely not that!

Like most people there’s lots of different sides to my character but ultimately I’m a normal fun loving girl dealing with the same things most people my age do and I think my music reflects that. What Cha Doin is a great overall representation of me as its fun, funky, up beat and it’s about feeling good within yourself and a fresh new relationship. But also I have another 10-15 tracks still cooking. They all represent different sides to my personality and character.

I’ve recorded my material in the states, putting the hard work in and hearing it back for the first time felt like such an achievement. In regards to me flaunting my body, I’m ambitious and hardworking and I want people to be interested in me because they like my voice, connect with my songs or they’re feeling my music. However the industry today requires more from artists in terms of an overall package.

Obviously it’s a hard industry to be in as its competitive and demanding but it’s exciting just to be involved with music and I think that if you work hard at whatever you do, you will be rewarded.

Naomi – Special E.P. Out July