Josaucy 8

The creative result of the first week of quarantine self-reflection, ‘Toby’ is the first single to come from New-Age experimental artist Josaucy 8.

After making a promise to himself to start truly living his life, music has become an increasingly important part of that oath, a way to understand and express himself. Written in a spectrum of colour and sounds, ‘Toby’ is a playful expression of Josaucy 8’s sound, a lyrical expression of abstract ideas.

Influenced by The 1975 and Honne, Josaucy 8 layers abstract sounds and lyrical frustration to articulate his personal journey. Writing to provide positivity and communal growth, Josaucy 8 intends his music to act as a guide for those it resonates with. ‘Toby’ is the first single to be released in the run-up to his album, due for release later this year.

‘Toby’ is now available on all major platforms.