Teyana Taylor fade 2 fit promo video via Vogue

Teyana Taylor has produced a new video with Vogue to promote her new dance workout “Fade 2 Fit”.

You remember Teyana Taylor right? The lead girl in Kanye West‘s music video ‘Fade’. Yes that girl that danced around in a crop top and thong and gave every women on the planet either body envy of inspiration… See video below for further details!

Im sweating just from watching the video. And if the above video wasn’t enough, Teyana Taylor is back with ‘Fade 2 Fit’. This time Teyana is dressed as Marie Antoinette in a lush hotel, doing things that some of us mere mortals can only imagine.

Watch as she swishes down her skirt, runs on the spot, does press ups, sit ups, squats and so much more… You’ll feel like you’ve done a work out by simply watching the video.

Its a New Year, Its a New You… Are you ready for Fade 2 Fit?