As soon she walked into the studio, you can could literally feel the rays of stardom bouncing from her. The British singer and song writer Neon Hitch casually said hello to the Flavourmag team and said “Right where do we start”. Excited about being back in her home town of London for a few weeks and bursting with energy, we sent her straight into hair and make up for her exclusive Flavourmag photo shoot, and here are the results.

How did it feel being discovered on social networks like Myspace by Benny?
His manager at the time James Johnson actually discovered me and put me in with Benny. James is very good at spotting talent early on… It really changed my life in a big way and I’ll always be grateful for his support.

How come you have decided to put your 301 to Paradise mix tape up on your website for free?
I’m lucky in one aspect to be signed to a major label, but at the same time that takes away from my freedom to put out music whenever I want – but I always try to keep content out there. I’m always writing so I have SO many songs, if the label doesn’t give the green light, I will.


Would you say your sound is different from commercial artists?
I think we’re all individual in our own ways, but yeah I don’t know another chick that grew up in a bus and sings gypsy pop.

Have you thought about doing shows overseas?
I’ve done a few shows overseas, I love it! We recently did Malaysia, also Lebanon and Russia… I’m a woman of the world.


In one of your songs you have a quote from Marilyn Monroe, is this where you get your inspiration from?
She is an inspiration for many people.. I just chose to express it in my art. She embodies true “girl power.”

How would you describe your sound?
Gypsy pop!


What do you miss about being at home?
Home is where I lay my headscarf.. So I’m always home!

Where does your inspiration come from in your songs?
I am inspired every time I’m hurt, every time I fall in love and every struggle.


You put your own twist on Miley Cyrus’s ‘We Can’t Stop’, what do you think of her and the media attention lately?
I actually have a lot of respect for her, she knows what she’s doing… Or at least, her team does!

How would you describe your fan base?
The outcasts!


Download Neon’s latest mixtape 301 to Paradise NOW

Photography by Jordan Roach
Hair & Make up Vicky Ngari-Wilson
Styling by Gaia Beck