Xposed Xotics XX

Sister duo Xposed Xotics, consisting of Persia Cienna and Sapphire Cienna have recently released their newest single Deluxious, a theme song for their newest reality series The Next Miss Deluxious Beautie which is set for release in mid-2018.

After developing their bikini and lingerie line Deluxious Beauties over the past six years, the pair were inspired to create their own theme song for their new reality series. The opportunity to work on something amazing together as sisters and share their experience with the world through the art of music is something that was also a huge inspiration to them.

With the aim of creating a fun, exciting song with light-hearted lyrics and a catchy hook, the duo wrote the lyrics, performed and recorded the song together. Deluxious is available to stream and download on all major media platforms now, and keep an eye out for their series The Next Miss Deluxious Beautie in mid-2018.

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