Press_pic_two online1_1Flavour presents to you – Princess Nyah, [pronounced Nye-ah] after the release of her infectious hits Frontline and Big Bois she returns once again to the UK music scene with an exclusive neo soul sounding single ‘Butterflies’ from her debut album ‘Diary of a Princess’ out this autumn. Princess Nyah has been busy working on making her title a household name and one to remember, as a songwriter, singer and rapper. In addition to this she has released her own clothing line ‘Binghi’s Boutique’ greatly deserving of its lavish swanky name and well worth checking out. She is very much well on the way to success displaying immense business acumen at such a young age, as well as musical creativity – a unique mix for the Harlesden born Princess.

Where are you from originally?
Jamaica and England.

Your artist name Princess Nyah how and why did you create this name?
When my mum was a teenager, she watched a series called Treasure Island, and there was a mermaid in it called Princess Nyah, she fell in love with the name and said if she had a daughter she would call her Nyah, from there my Grandparents called me Princess!

Butterflies is a beautiful summer track, is it about anyone special in your life in particular?
The track is about being friends with a guy, really liking him and being unsure of how to tell him. Being scared to ask him if he has a girl and getting butterflies every time he is around. It something I think a lot of girls go through! I know I have.


Which location did you use for the video and was it a lot of fun to shoot?
The video was shot in a West London hotel, it was very luxurious and royal just like my name! [Laughs]
I worked with Director Luke Vanboom who was amazing, he hired an actor Daniel who played the love interest, and he was a joy to work with very professional and the whole day was loads of fun.

Which British artist do you really like at the moment?
I’m a huge fan of Chipmunk I love his work ethic and I also really admire Dizee Rascal. He has done so well and I admire him a lot. I also love unsigned artists that a putting their work in.

What do you most enjoy about your career?
I love performing, and hearing people singing my lyrics. I love it when people come up to me and say that song depicts my life right now..

If you could work with one female artist who would it be and why?
Teedra Moses, I think her song writing skills are off the chain.

What’s in store for your fans and your career this year?
I’m launching a Princess Nyah Clothing range which is exclusive to Binghi’s Boutique, and also we are choosing 10 young ladies to be a part of official #TEAMPRINCESS. The only requirements are that they have good grades in school or college!

What have you listened to so far today?
Drake’s album came out, and I have not stopped listening to it. My favourite track so far is numbers 6 & 7.

Finish this sentence. Music is..?
Like the blood that pumps through my veins. Without it I couldn’t live.

For more info check out:

Watch her new video Butterflies

Words by Kemi Giwa


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