Following on from our Reality Road coverage with features music artist Mapei and her journey through Europe with the awesome Volvo Trucks. The wait is finally over and Episodes 4,5 and 6 have now been released.

Within the new episodes you will find an exclusive live performance of the much loved song ‘Don’t Wait’ in the ‘Music Guest’ record store in Paris with Nicky Lars, which has left us in anticipation of the premiere of the new video for ‘Million Ways To Live’

Volvo Trucks – Reality Road Ep4 ’The Mechanics of Music’ feat. Mapei

Episode 4, see’s Mapei meets her friend and band member Eddie, while the truck stops off for an axel alignment, which gives them all some much need downtown. #Spolier Alert: Mechanic’s make music.

Volvo Trucks – Reality Road Ep5 ’Parisian Mosh Pit’ feat. Mapei

Episode 5, see’s Mapei in Paris. Director Liza Minou Morberg wants to create a moshpit using 3 volvo trucks and #Spoiler Alert: Will Mapei crowd surf the mosh pit? Watch and find out.

Volvo Trucks – Reality Road Ep6 ’Swiss Alp Spin-out’ feat. Mapei

Episode 6 see’s Mapei in the Swiss Alps, living life on the edge is cool for everyone except the driver. This episode see’s Mapei having a heart to heart with her driver and trying to get him to live a little. Spoiler Alert: What can the driver to do be spontaneous? Have you ever seen a truck ice skate?

Watch the intro: Music artist Mapei stars in new Volvo Trucks TV series “Reality

And part 2 can be seen here: ‘Let’s get Europe Dancing’ with Mapei and Volvo Trucks