Ms Rih Rih has released the cover of her new dance track, featuring Calvin Harris, “We Found Love”, as well as her new logo.

Via Facebook and Twitter, Rihanna revealed her new cover and logo by tweeting “#RihannaNavy We in dis bitch!!! Brand new logo on dese ho’s!!!! WE RUN TING’s, TING’s NUH RUN WE!!!!”


She shouts out to her #RihannaNavy to join several missions by retweeting specific hash tags to make them trending topics. Once it has made it as a trending topic the mission is accomplished and something new from her forthcoming album is revealed!

1st mission to reveal the lyrics of “We Found Love” Retweet #UnlockIt (Accomplished)

2nd mission to hear “We Found Love” via Facebook. Retweet  #Unlocked (Pending)

Ms Rih Rih tweeted “#RihannaNavy, wanna hear #WeFoundLove? #unlocked GO!”

In response Ryan Seacrest tweeted “@RyanSeacrest: This is crazy! If #rihannanavy keeps up at this pace #WeFoundLove is gonna get unlocked as early tomorrow morn”

Want to hear this new track!? Retweet #Unlocked go go go!