Following on from our recent article ‘Romantic Couples Getaway: Las Vegas best things to do, see and stay (part 1)’, featuring the amazing concerts and shows we visited in Las Vegas, we are excited to bring you part 2 of this special feature.

OurRomantic Couples Getaway (part 1) was all about Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, as well as amazing shows like Cirque Du Soliel ‘Zumanity’ and the awesome spectacular water show named Le Reve – The dream. And if you haven’t already, you may want to look at our feature on the sensational Papillon Grand Celebration Helicopter Tour. In part 2 we are focusing on our hotel stays.

Apart from staying at the Vdara Hotel we also visited the The Linq Hotel.

The Linq Hotel & Casino has spacious rooms and very large beds. The casino at the hotel is clean and relatively busy (in a nice way) and The Linq is situated only a few short steps away from the High Roller (Las Vegas’ answer to the London Eye). We booked a couples full body massage, rested in the lovely spa and fell asleep in the Salt Cave while the salty atmosphere penetrated our skins.

We will be mentioning the words ‘fall asleep’ many times during this feature, after all, it is a feature on hotels. The 10-hour timezone difference from the UK meant we were feeling pretty tired during the evenings and waking up at 3-4am in the mornings. Luckily Las Vegas is vibrant and never sleeps so you can pop into a casino 24 hours a day.

When visiting Las Vegas, it’s worth visiting a spa or 2. The long days and ever so long nights will leave you feeling knackered and what better way to revitalise than spending an hour or 2 in a relaxing spa.

linq Hotel

During our stay at the Linq Hotel & Casino, we visited the High Roller at night. With our own pod and champagne on arrival, we felt like movies stars while we rode the worlds tallest wheel. Looking over Las Vegas at night is spectacular. You will try and try and try to take photo’s of the skyline, but unless you have one of the worlds most powerful cameras, your images will not do it justice. This is something that has to be seen with the naked eye in order to fully experience its grandeur. Just like the Papillon Helicopter Tour, the High Roller is a great place for proposing to your partner or celebrating your birthdays and more. The skyline at night is visually stunning and the array of colours and lights are a sight to see.

Palm Casino Resort

We also spent a few nights at the Palm Casino Resort which is situated a few minutes from the Las Vegas strip. The good thing about Vegas is, nothing is too far away, although our American counterparts might say otherwise. What we call a short 10 mins ride seems very far away for some Americans. Anyway, I digress, let’s go back to the Palm Casino Resort.

We enjoyed The Premier Guestroom within the Palm Casino Resort. The Premier Guestroom is light an airy with an open-planned feel to it. The vibrant colours of the room give a more boutique style feel. The purple, red and turquoise hues from the bed and the chaise compliment the wood panelling mixing the classic with the modern.

Palm Casino Resort Premier Guest Room
The Premier Guestroom within the Palm Casino Resort

The Casino at the Palm Hotel is very clean or vibrant. It’s not as busy as some of the other Casinos in Las Vegas, but it does have everything you need to enjoy your stay. One of the things we loved about the Palm Hotel was the Ghost Bar, located on the 55th floor of the Ivory Tower. After a night on the LAs Vegas strip its a pretty cool for an after party. Nice people, lovely friendly staff and an awesome mix of music from the DJ’s. The Palm Casino Resort is perfect for young, vibrant people who want a great room and easy access to the strip while also having the option to party at the hotel they are staying in.

Palm Casino Ghost Bar
The Ghost Bar at the Palm Casino Resort

The Palm Casino Resort host 6 casual dining venues within the resort, from the Bistro Buffet to Hooters, you have a choice of places to eat. We had the pleasure of dining in Alize, created by world-renowned Chef Andre Rochat in collaboration with celebrated Chef de Cuisine Mark Purdy which was simply fantastic.

The Silverton Casino Hotel

The Silverton Casino Hotel is another hotel we spent our first couple of nights at. The Silverton Casino Hotel is not located on the Las Vegas strip but just as the Palm Casino above the Silverton is again only a 10 mins ride from the strip.

Silverton Casino

We stayed in the Silverton Casino Las Vegas suites. These rooms feature lodge decor and are quite spacious at around 800-square-feet. This isn’t one of the fanciest of hotels but the rooms are clean and our room had a Jacuzzi tub in which we enjoyed champagne and bubbles in the evening making it somewhat romantic and special. The showers are notable in the Las Vegas suites, they feature a huge head for a hot downpour of water and also have a refreshing mist setting as if you where in a sauna.

This is the type of hotel you would stay in, if you wanted to save a few quid, and not be located on the main strip. It has 10 places to dine within the resort and if you love fishing then you simply have to walk through to the adjoining Bass Pro shop. Check out the Virtual Tour below

The Silverton Casino also hosts a 117,000-gallon saltwater aquarium where five mermaids share a home with more than 4,000 tropical fish. You can ask at reception for the mermaids to hold up a sign, asking your loved one to marry you. Pretty cool right?

Silverton Casino mermaid

The Vdara Hotel Las Vegas is a beautiful 5-star apartment style hotel situated in the heart of the Las Vegas strip.


We had the pleasure of staying at the Vdara during our trip and if was blissful. As mentioned in part 1 of this feature, we lived the excessive lifestyle while enjoying concerts, theatre shows, dining experiences and so much more. Less than 10 years old the Vdara still feels like its brand new and you will not regret a moment you stay there. Here are 10 reasons to stay at the Vdara Las Vegas.