In part 3 of our ‘Romantic Couples Getaway: Las Vegas, we are focusing our attention on our dining experiences. We’ve all got to eat, right?

In Part 1 we featured the concert and shows, while Part 2 covers the hotels we stayed at during our visit. Which leads us nicely on to our Romantic Couples Getaway: Part 3 featuring the fabulous places we dined during our memorable visit to Las Vegas.

Do you love food?

We do. Las Vegas has no shortage of fabulous and romantic places to eat. Everywhere you go or turn there is somewhere to dine. Every Hotel resort has an array of dining experiences for you to enjoy. Walk along the strip and there are even more places for you to dine. You cannot ever go hungry in Las Vegas. We experienced everything from lunch at Giada to dinner at Alize which is located on the top of the Palms Casino Ivory Tower which almost feels as high as flying in the Papillion Helicopter Tour to the Grand Canyon.

Alize Restaurant at the Palm Casino Hotel (French Cuisine)

Alize Restaurant was created by world-renowned Chef Andre Rochat in collaboration with celebrated Chef de Cuisine Mark Purdy, serving French cuisine for you to enjoy during a romantic couples getaway.

You’ll want to unpack your classy outfits for this experience. The Restaurant features beautiful skyline views of Las Vegas and the decor gives off an effervescent romantic feeling while you dine. Unfortunately, we didn’t want to take pictures using our flash as we felt this may have ruined other diners experience as the lighting was so ambient.

alize restaurant

The menu is stupendous and it might take a while for you to decide what you would like to try as they have an A La Carte menu, a tasting menu, an Hors d’Oeuvres menu for groups, plus a separate group menu and a prix fixe (fixed priced) menu.

The staff at Alize are trained to very high standards in hospitality and are very friendly as well as being able to help with any orders on the menu that you might not be sure of. We decided to try Executive Chef Mark Purdy’s decadent tasting menu which had a whopping 25 items to choose from.

From Sautéed Foie Gras to Nduja Crusted Scallop and everything in between, we had no idea of the feast we were about to experience. Without having to explain everything on the menu, this is simply an experience NOT TO BE MISSED.

The romantic bit

alize key

As we sat down at our table, sipping gorgeous wine and deciding what delights we would like to try, we were given a key (pictured above). This key opened a small chest which was only revealed at the end of the dinner. Picture This: You take your partner to Alize restaurant at the top of the Palm Casino Hotel. You have already spoken to the restaurant and told them that you would like to propose to your partner. They leave this key on your table for the duration of your romantic meal, leaving your partner in suspense. When your partner asks “I wonder what this key is for?” you simply play dumb and act as if you have no idea.

Thoughts are running through his/her mind, they wonder if its a proposal or simply something the restaurant incorporates into all meals. They are left there in suspense while you fine dine on the delicacies on offer and then at the end, your partner gets to open the chest and finally gets to see what the key was all about. POW! the diamond engagement ring… Tears of joy ensue, rosy red cheeks from all the blushing and bashfulness fill your partner’s face. Love is in the air at that moment and the rest, well let’s just say the rest is history…

Go to for more info.

Lunch at Giada Vegas (Italian Cuisine)

We must admit, lunch at Giada was one of our favourable lunch-time dining experiences during our trip to Las Vegas. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon as we entered the Cromwell where Giada is located. The modern decor with the bright and airy feel of Giada is perfect for a romantic daytime lunch experience. Everything is this place is beautiful and fresh.

Lobster Roll with lemon basil aïoli & fried capers
Lunch at Giada: Lobster Roll with lemon basil aïoli & fried capers

The plates are decorated with the name of the restaurant, the food is served in an Instagram friendly presentation. I had Lobster Roll with lemon basil aïoli & fried capers while my partner went for the Muffuletta mortadella, finocchiona, porchetta, prosciutto cotto, aged provolone as well as the Strawberry Polenta Waffle fresh strawberries, grilled pineapple, accompanied by Nutella, not something I would go for myself, but she loved it and that’s all that mattered.

If you love Italian food then you simply must visit Giada, even if you’re not a super fan of Italian food, you should still book yourself into Giada as they menu will blow your mind, no matter your palate. Take a look inside Giada below.

For more info on Giada go to

The Rivea and SkyFall Lounge at Delano Las Vegas

One of our evenings was spent at the Sky Fall Lounge sipping fantastic cocktails whilst taking in the Las Vegas skyline until it was time to dine at the Rivea. The evolving nightlife experience at SkyFall gradually increases in tempo as the night progresses. It felt like a top London Mayfair bar with plush seating and a gorgeous set of people in attendance on the night.

This was another one of those ‘too dark to take a photo’ environments. The ambient lighting in the bar was ever so romantic. My partner and I enjoyed each others company in the SkyFall Lounge while we awaiting our dinner reservation time.

Dinner at the Rivea was great, the sommelier on the night happily guided us through the wine menu while giving us tips on wine tasting and what to drink. The Rivea is a very spacious restaurant and thankfully not busting to the seems with lots of customers.

The Rivea serves French and Italian fusion cuisine and has a wonderful array of items on the menu. We sampled the Octopus Salad, the Striped Bass Carpaccio, the Artisanal Linguine and Clams as well as the Prawn and Calamari Crostino. Everything we tried on this menu was delightful, we do not remember not liking any dish.

Lunch at Lago by Julian Serrano at Bellagio

As much as we absolutely loved all of our fantastic evening dining experiences, looking over the skylines of Las Vegas, we can’t help but think, the lunches are just as spectacular.

The feeling of the sunlight in the daytime does wonders for Las Vegas lunches and lunch at Lago by Julian Serrano is no exception to this. When you walk into a restaurant that looks like this…

Lago by Julian Serrano at Bellagio

And then you order glorious cocktails from their iPad menu system that looks like this…

Lago by Julian Serrano at Bellagio

And then you wine and dine your partner with food that looks like this…

Lago by Julian Serrano at Bellagio

and you also get a chance to see the world famous Bellagio Water Show while you dine and it makes you feel like this…

Lago by Julian Serrano at Bellagio
That moment when you see the Bellagio Water Show for the first time

You can immediately see why Lago by Julian Serrano at Bellagio is another must visit restaurant that simply has to be on your list of places to visit.

Go to now to see more.

Set on the 50th floor of Rio Las Vegas, is VooDoo Steak

Another high rise restaurant that serves a mean steak. Admittedly, Voodoo Steak isn’t as fancy as Alize or The Rivea and it’s also not located on the Las Vegas strip. However, Voodoo Steak is definitely worth a visit.

Voodoo Steak is a bit more low key but has an extensive cocktail list and a good price to match the food. If you love BIG meaty steaks then you will enjoy your time at Voodoo Steak.

voodoo steak cocktails

With a menu that features items such as the Voodoo Menage À Trois which is a Petite Filet, 6 oz. Cold Water Lobster Tail and Jumbo Shrimp and the Land and Sea which features from the land a 14 oz. Prime Flat Iron, 16 oz. Dry Aged Pork, 8 oz. Filet Mignon and from the sea Seared Sea Scallops, Lobster Tail, King Crab Legs, Jumbo Shrimp I knew we were in for a treat.

I remember asking the waiter at the time “What’s the Land and Sea like?” He simply replied “Phenomenal” and that was it, I was sold.

Visit Voodoo Steak if you want large portions of meaty steaks, topped with seafood and cooked to your taste specifications without having to rob a bank to pay for your meal.

Gordon Ramsay’s BurGR

After walking through Planet Hollywood en route to see Jennifer Lopez live, we noticed that our very own British celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay had his own Burger restaurant within Planet Hollywood aptly named BurGR.

30-foot-long fire display outside BurGR

With LCD screens in the window and a cool fire display that makes you stop and stare, we simply had to give it a try. Basically, the place was packed, with a long queue outside. Why was everyone in Las Vegas queuing up for BurGR? Well, when the moment our burger arrived on the table we could see why.

Gordon Ramsay's BURGR
The Hog Burger – mangalitsa pork + mangalitsa bacon + bbq pork + crisp onions + slaw WOW

Just look at the size of this monstrosity. We couldn’t finish what we had started. This is the place for those of us that can handle such food. Americans love it, for us British you might find it a tad overwhelming but worth a try.

Visit BurGR here for more information

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