DSC_0099On 5th December 2009, 21 talented individuals from London and the West Midlands participated in a live talent show at the prestigious ITV centre in Central London as part of ABi’s ROOTS & ROUTES European initiative.

The acts were chosen from heats that took place in London and Coventry. From the many applicants only 21 made it through to the final showcase. These musicians, actors, singers, dancers, poets and future media impresarios got their chance to demonstrate their talent to an invited audience which included media, influential A&R’s, and industry professionals.

DSC_0468This event was sponsored by ABi Associates and its Partners, Coventry based Frontline AV, MTV Award winner Tan Mathews, and London based companies, Sai Photography and London Elite Events. It was part funded by the Leonardo da Vinci programme.

Vijay Amin, ABi’s Managing Director was delighted with the turnout and quality of performances “we are very proud that young people and our senior talents were responsible for the design and organisation of this show. We will now be supporting them to develop their artistic, professional and entrepreneurial skills as part of our ROOTS & ROUTES Academy initiative”.


DSC_0082Poet Deborah Stevenson said, “Not only was it a show worthy of its tenure but it was a beautiful networking environment, I have done countless gigs and workshops and never before had I felt so at home. The company was an electric shock to the chest of my passion, my poetry has never felt so revitalised. This was an apt start to a life changing journey”.

Nottingham based dancer, Georgia Copeland was amazed at the quality of artists and media talents participating. “I really enjoyed the event, it was an amazing opportunity to be given. Seeing my fellow talents perform, their energy and enthusiasm made me realise that we young people have so much we can contribute to the UK community. For me the ROOTS & ROUTES showcase was an amazing experience, I really enjoyed being part of the start of something big. It was a confidence builder and enabled me to meet some very talented like minded people. It was a very organised show and I enjoyed every second”.


Rapper and song writer, Flame was enthused by the opportunity to perform at a leading television venue and encouraged other to get involved with Roots & Routes. “It’s a great way to get involved with the creative industries and who knows you may be taking part in the next showcase in 2010 if you get in touch”.

Finally musician Levi Haughton spoke about how tries to live his life by and gave three top tips for future talents if they want to succeed in their chosen industry:SAI_9243

1. If you stay ready you aint gotta GET ready

2. The only time “Success” Comes before “Work” is in the Dictionary

3. Wealth isn’t measured in the material things you own … But by how you would be valued by others should you own nothing.

For more information about the Talent Development Programme please contact Vijay Amin on 020 8438 4550 or

Photography by Saira Awan

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