Ruby wings green

Do you remember when hyper coloured T-shirts came out? Well I do, back in primary school days. They were so cool at the time, the heat of your body would change the colour of the shirt from; pink to purple or blue to green. It was so pointless and mesmerising as a young child. Well now that I am supposed to be big and grown maybe I should have wised up to these gimmicks, err Nah! Ruby Wing has entered my life.

I discovered this range of cool nail polishes that supposedly change colour in the UV light, whether it be from the sunshine or from the UV club lights. Well let me tell you the one that I purchased, Eternal, sure does work.

This polishes is a good constancy two coats and you have full coverage. It then starts out a beautiful mint green colour indoors and is transformed to a deep grey out doors. I was skeptical as to how grey it would actually turn, but it changed considerably. I like both shades of this polish.

Ruby Wing nail varnish grey

Does a girl really need light reactive polish, hmmm probably not, but I am sold. Ruby Wings latest summer collection are all based on Neons. Most of the colours change to a deeper shade of what they already are, but this one called Eternal and also Electric Firefly ,turns from neon yellow to neon orange, seem to be the most dramatic.

I really liked this product, I think it’s inevitable that I will have to try some more, (you know, just to check they all work of course).

What do you think just a gimmick or a great new look?

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Written by the effervescent Tilly Li