sabrina-washingtonSabrina Washington’s career is going from strength to strength, having first graced us with her successful music career in 1999 with girl group Mis-Teeq, then in 2008 as Celebrity Scissor hands winner. More recently, we watched her hit the Australian outback in “I’m a Celebrity” and if that is not enough Sabrina will soon be releasing her hotly anticipated solo album. Flavour catches up with the singer to discuss music and balancing beauty.

Tell me about your fist single OMG?

OMG was written by my co writer Ali Tennant and myself. It’s an up lifting song for women about a relationship gone wrong; it’s quiet tongue and cheek like most of the album covering subjects that we all go through. The sound we have created on the album is Dirty Pop, which is a combination of infectious beats, hard base lines and catchy lyrics.

You just shot the music video. How did it go? What was the concept?

The video was great, it was a bit strange doing it on my own, but its was a new challenge and I had loads of fun the concept is high fashion, (which I Love) very different and i hope the public will be slightly surprised with my new look…

Which producers have you worked with on your album?
I have worked with Labrith who was very inspiring. H – money who brought a unique sound to the album and amazing to work with in the studio, also Parker and James who are a dynamic duo who are definitely one to look out for.

Have you collaborated with any artists for any of the tracks on your album?
Not yet, but we have a few in the pipeline.

When you were recording your solo album, did you come across any highs and lows?
I was excited to get started as it has been a long time coming. I wanted my sound to reflect my growth from my experience since Mis-Teeq. I stared out in Mis-Teeq as a girl and now I am a woman. My outlook on life in general has changed. My sound now is a reflection of a more confident me.

How do you keep yourself positive and motivated?
I surround myself with positive people and always focus on the end goal, whatever challenges I come across it helps me grow as an individual. There is a saying I go by, every day is a challenge its how you deal with the challenge, which is the most important thing.

How would you describe your personal style?
My style is a cross between high fashion and high street; I believe you can mix the two to create something great.

What has been the most rewarding opportunity throughout your career to date?
I would say Mis-Teeq…. We achieved a lot as a female group, and I will always hold that experience close to my heart. However, I believe the most rewarding opportunities are yet to come.

Do you still dance now or have you opted for another form of fitness?
Always dancing lol… when I go out I’m the first to hit the dance floor…

You released three major studio albums and seven consecutive UK top ten singles, to include an international hit with Mis-teeq, this must have been both an amazing and exhausting experience; how did you approach a healthy balance?
It is very hard to keep a healthy balance when you are always on the road, but you have to prepare before hand, I always carry water with me, and eat as much fruits on the go as possible.

During your time on Celebrity Scissor, hands were there any easy hair tips you could let us into?
My hair tips are to invest in a good shampoo and conditioner.


What is your preferred hair care range and are you a salon regular?
For my hair care I use Organics, I love the way it makes my hair feel. I also tend to use Kera care. I usually do my own hair; however, I go to my local barber Kinsley on a weekly basis, Also I get my hair done time to time via my hair stylist Sharon Miller.

During “I’m a Celebrity which beauty product did you miss the most?
I missed coco butter. However, because of the sun and fresh water my skin was fine.

Before you entered the jungle what were your beauty preparations?
I went to Nilam Patel to get a facial and my usual waxing.

When you left what beauty regime, did you first take advantage of?
when I left the jungle the first thing I did was have a bath, wash my hair, and gave thanks for my babylis straighteners.

If you ever feel, the need to radiate what is your hero product.
My hero product now is Vaseline cocoa butter vitalising gel body oil. I love it.

How do you relax down after a long day?
I am usually happy just relaxing at home in front of the TV drinking a glass of wine.

Can you let in me in on your ultimate aim for 2010?
I would love to have a successful solo single and album. I would be so delighted if I got a top 10 single. I am also looking into other avenues like acting also starting my own concession in a well know high street store.

Sabrina Washington ‘OMG (Oh My Gosh)’ out March 8th through PIAS

Words by Lea James






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