Sam Hunter

Catch Sydney MC Sam Hunter serve up some seriously good vibes in his new music video for his latest release ‘Catch Ma Drift’.

Filmed by Chris Cynical and directed by Sam himself, the ‘Catch Ma Drift’ music video is set in a buzzing backyard house party where the drinks are flowing and the lighting is low-key. The pair wanted to recreate what it feels like to finish work for the week and welcome the weekend by partying with good company.

The single is something new from the hip hop artist, with funky grooves and dance-worthy beats, the track is about enjoying life and the simple things. If the catchy hook is not enough to hype up a Friday afternoon, then Sam Hunter’s infectious energy and genuine cool-guy nature shown in this music video is guaranteed to do it.

On the music video, Sam said, “The vision was to enjoy a house party with my closest friends and celebrate the moment. So we threw the party and filmed it”.

The last few years have been a progressive journey for Hunter, with each release he becomes stronger as an artist and is exactly the type of rapper that should be guiding the next generation. 

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