It is refreshing to have found a musical that doesn’t stick to the formula. Yes it’s an ‘urban’ musical – yawn! But when you scratch beneath the surface you will find that Scratched Out was created with you in mind – a musical that takes the life issues that you the reader are faced with and fuses them with an original R&B, hip hop and grime score courtesy of Richard Hale (DJ Halo). It’s kept fresh and interesting by a mix of themes including friendship, love, honour, pride and a whole lot more.

It tells the story of six young people from an inner city estate who strive to make it in the music industry. The story takes place at a pirate radio station and a club. As the records spin, the drama unfolds with a series of soundtracks performed to you by the characters themselves.

What makes this production even more exciting is the cast. A collection of under-26 year old actors, actresses and MC’s, that really brings the script to life. You may think you’ve seen the actors before. David Bonnick Jr. being no stranger to the stage delivered the sparkiest performance. Jordan Pitt played a convincing ‘Jason’ who involves his lackey ‘Luke’ played by Rudy Huyghue, in his dodgy dealings. Sabrina Grant plays ‘Jenny’ the lead girl in an emotional tug of war between Jason and the lead character Adam played by stage stunner Dean Thomas. Kyle Thorne keeps you smiling with his worthless character ‘Darren’ and Sharna Longville (aka MC Sloozie) transforms into Amanda the tomboy that we all learn to love.

It’s short but sweet and worth checking out.

Running up until the 30th April at the Riverside Studios

Words by Selina Campbell



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