A love letter to the town of Bellingham from SeeEyeGee! Giving something back to his home here in this 8-track endlessly euphoric album, SeeEyeGee is showing us all how to live your best life!

With a theme of love over hate, this album is in fact showered with positive emotion and takes us far away from the uncertainty of the year behind us. After spending a lifetime in love with EDM, Pop and Hip-Hop, SeeEyeGee decided to use lockdown to create this epic release that showcases a place where the people are rad and the vibe is high! With plenty of time to dedicate to his music, he began to pursue his lifelong dream of moving people with his sound.

For fans of HeroBUST and Diplo, ‘Welcome To Bellingham’ is definitely one to spin at live events! “Music is one of the only things in my life that I have remained passionate about.”

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Starting back in old Seattle nightclubs, spinning behind local legends who let him have the last 15 minutes of their set, SeeEyeGee knew he wanted his career to grow towards live EDM festival sets. Pushing even further with his new album release ‘Welcome To Bellingham’, it’s obvious that a big year could be ahead for this talented DJ and artist, who aims to wow crowds in their thousands!

Influenced by many genres of music, and drawing inspiration from his peers in the EDM scene, SeeEyeGee is about to become a name to know!