When putting this list together I didn’t want to go down the whole lovey-dovey route, I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day or all that it represents.

It’s very easy to list the obvious films like The Notebook etc. but, as the title suggests, the emphasis is very much on the word Sexy and what would interest your partner too, when I say partner I am talking about the stereotypical man who doesn’t publicly admit to liking a bit of romance in a film. So as most men think with what they keep hidden in their trousers let’s have a look at what films are suitable for you both. You could even bring out some exciting toys as described here to get your own kinks going.


nine and a half weeks

This erotic film will certainly get both your juices flowing. A story of two strangers, Wall Street Trader John (Mickey Rourke) and art gallery assistant, Elizabeth embarked on a courtship which becomes highly sexual as John pushes for more daring and kinky scenarios including striptease and bondage. Although their relationship is full of passion, Elizabeth soon realises that John isn’t sharing any part of his life with her apart from Sex, meaning she has a decision to make with what she wants from this relationship. It’s not only steamy but full of suspense, Essential viewing for sex-obsessed couples.


Wild Orchid

Back in the day Mickey Rourke certainly liked to get involved with the erotic storylines, here he is again in Wild Orchid playing a millionaire investor James Wheeler, a fan of pleasures of the flesh. Emily Reed (Carrie Otis) accompanies her boss to Rio de Janeiro to wrap up a project; this is where Emily and James meet. James aids Emily in exploring her sexuality by opening her eyes to the city’s sexual underworld but willingly toys with her emotions in the process.

This is a crazy and extremely stylized film but visually stunning and with an abundance of sexual content, Could just get you a little hot under the collar.



Here we have once married couple Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman get a little spicy on the big screen together. Cruise plays Dr. Bill Hartford and Kidman his wife, Alice. Alice admits to having sexual fantasies about a man she met, Bill becomes obsessed with having a sexual encounter. He discovers an underground sexual group and attends one of their meetings and quickly discovers that he is in over his head.

It doesn’t really make much sense but then you shouldn’t expect any different from a Kubrick movie. It’s fascinating and tantalising, enough to certainly set the mood.


Jamon Jamon

This may be a foreign language film but when you have the very sexy Penelope Cruz starring in it looking drop-dead gorgeous it is set to get any mans pulse racing, This early Cruz film sees her starring alongside her now-husband, Javier Bardem when let’s face it he looked pretty damn fine too. Jose Luis (Jordi Mollà) has a cushy corporate job at the lingerie factory his mom, Conchita (Stefania Sandrelli), owns. Jose Luis makes the acquaintance of Silvia (Penélope Cruz), a beautiful labourer on the underwear assembly line, and he is instantly lovestruck. When he announces his intention to marry this blue-collar woman, Conchita is quite displeased, so she enlists the hunky Raul (Javier Bardem) to take Silvia’s mind off her son. The plan works until Conchita also falls for Raul.



Lastly, we had to add in a modern-day erotic drama and with its release just in time for Valentine’s Day too. This film may certainly give you a few ideas on how to spice up your bedroom activities in trying something new and exciting, just to bring that extra bit of passion back into the relationship.

A straight-laced student, Anastasia (Dakota Johnson) goes to interview the extremely handsome, wealthy and charismatic Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan), its attraction at first sight for them both. They soon embark on an extremely intense, passionate and toxic affair. Anastasia soon finds herself being very much controlled by Grey as he wants everything on his own terms. He soon introduces her to his dark world and kinky tastes, which makes her start to explore her own desires for the first time.

So there we have it, hopefully, at least one of these films will float your boat and get the temperature raising between yourself and your partner this Valentine, but we say why not start that bit of experimenting now. Passion is for life, not just Valentines.