Erotic fantasy can really ruin your sex life, says campaigner Charlotte Rose.

Dominatrix Charlotte Rose, who ran as an Independent candidate for the Clacton, and Rochester & Strood by-elections in 2014, has said that the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise has already started to give people the wrong impression of sexual pleasures, read our article: Why do women like to be dominated in bed?

Fifty Shades series, written by E L James, has surpassed 100 million worldwide sales. But Charlotte Rose, who won Sex Worker of the Year in 2013, has said this and the resulting film fails to distinguish between fantasy and reality.

Charlotte Rose says:

“The way the writer has put it into an erotic fantasy goes against the erotic realism of what BDSM stands for”.

charlotte rose - sex worker of the year 2013 002

“It glamorises the scene without looking as to why people enjoy it, it’s putting it into reality when it is an aspect of sexual fantasy”.

“I think it’s great it’s brought more erotic sexual exploration into the limelight but without true education behind all aspects of fantasy then people need to educate themselves as to what choices there are in sex to enjoy in reality”.

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“The dangers of this film could be that more men may feel as though woman would prefer Fifty Shades version of sexual fantasy like whips and canes, rather than something like traditional tie and tease. We need to remind and educate people in consent before people turn to the scenes in the film to try and spice up their love life and cause injuries without awareness”.

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Fifty Shades of Grey, the film, is released in cinema Friday 13th February 2015

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