Sexy Super Geeks seems to be a trend in TV dramas. The Arrow, The Flash, Brooklyn Nine-Nine even Critical (the list goes on) seem to have a really sexy super geek strategically placed in the character set.

You have to be stealthy like me to notice them separately from the main hot chick character that can sometimes make you overlook the sexy super geek.

But take a moment to humour me and you will see what exactly I’m referring too. Let’s start with TV drama ‘The Arrow’. The Arrow stars a few main lead female characters, Katie Cassidy, Susanna Thompson, Willa Holland and Emily Bett Rickards.

sexy super geeks the arrowEmily Bett Rickards is the sexy super geek of the show. You will usually see her in a sexy yet classy skater dress and the all-important big rimmed glasses to add the finishing touch. She doesn’t wear a tight leather body suit, she doesn’t have her cleavage popping out on screen, yet she is simply stunning.

Emily Bett Rickards sexy super geekLook closely at her beautiful face, her tight body and those luscious lips. Can you see what I am talking about? The problem is that someone like Emily Bett Rickards can sometimes be overshadowed by the sexiness of the other characters.

brooklyn nine nine sexy super geeks

It’s like being in a club, and seeing the most amazing glamazon on the dance floor that everyone fancies, she usually gets all the attention and she loves it. Little did you know that she had a friend standing right beside her. You probably didn’t notice her because she wasn’t wearing a body-hugging outfit, she wasn’t trying to gain the attention of everyone in the club, she’s hot, but she doesn’t quite see herself as a sex symbol. She’s the girl next door that you should have dated. Instead, we fell for the glamazon trap and went for the girl that everyone liked and the girl next door slipped through the net.

Melissa Fumero sexy super geek

Here’s another example, TV comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine stars Stephanie Beatriz and Melissa Fumero. Stephanie Beatriz is the glamazon, she’s always in a leather jacket, with the zip low enough for the cleavage pop outshot. Melissa Fumero is the sexy super geek, usually wearing an executive suit, nice blouse and simple hairstyle, but look closely at Melissa Fumero and you will see that she is absolutely beautiful, not just beautiful, she also has a body most girls would die for.

Danielle Panabaker sexy super geek

Are you starting to notice the trend? I’ll give you one more example. TV series ‘The Flash’ has the same output as the others, however as it’s for a slightly younger audience the sexiness is toned down a bit. Candice Patton is the bombshell in the series, she’s a beauty, stunning figure and usually wears a mini skirt, thigh high boots, crop tops and other delicious clothing.

Danielle Panabaker sexy super geek

However take a look at sexy super geek Danielle Panabaker who usually wears a nice blouse, knee length skirt and other executive type outfits. Now look closely and you will see again that the sexy super geek is stunning, the girl next door strikes again, imagine her in a low neckline dress, or imagine her is agent provocateur underwear, can you visualise what I am seeing? Well if you can’t here a bit of help for your below. Check out the abs in the left shot. Danielle Panabaker is hiding a great body underneath her clothes.

Danielle Panabaker sexy super geek

So the next time you’re out on the prowl for a partner, turn your eyes away from the obvious, take the stealthy approach and search out the sexy super geek. Once you know what they look like, you will see that they are everywhere and always have been. You just weren’t smart (pun intended) enough to see them.