Skii Kasanova

Two3oh Entertainment of Raleigh, North Carolina presents the brand new Hip-Hop/R&B track from Skii Kasanova!

‘Pull Up’ is the good vibe we needed this year, with a bouncy beat and crazy vocal rhythm, the ‘Babyface of Hip-Hop’ is here to remind you of your summer! With a romantic element to this track, Skii Kasanova is here to say that everything he has is yours, if you’re down for the ride! Recorded at Kuttin Edge Studios in Cary, North Carolina, produced by Tip Beats and for fans of KRS-One, Chris Brown and J.Cole, the Hip-Hop/R&B lovers of the world will appreciate this one! With lyrics flowing and an air of hype in the studio, this brand new track came together quickly and is proving Skii Kasanova to be a real one to work with, a talented influencer and certainly one to watch! ‘Pull Up’ for the ride, now!

‘I want listeners to experience the vibe of my music’.

Skii Kasanova has lived on the stage since 5 years old, with a work ethic and writing skills that draw you in instantly! Raised in New Jersey with an eye for success, he believes in all different styles of music and paints pictures with every written word by using a storytelling approach to his lyricism.

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Setting his sights on songwriting for other artists too, it is clear that Skii Kasanova is aiming high and won’t stop until he’s heard! When he’s not in the studio, he’s on stage performing and has opened up for notable artists such as Desiigner, Phresher, Mariah Lynn, PnB Rock and Joe Budden. In believing that music is ever-growing, Skii Kasanova offers ‘Pull Up’ as a way to provide the good-time vibes for listeners who just want to have fun!

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