Skorge da Hoodlum

Having spent time focusing on his sound, ‘Ftlan 2 and 3’ is the latest album to come from rapper Skorge da Hoodlum.

A combination of two separate EPs, ‘Ftlan 2 and 3’ was produced and recorded at Skorge’s own studio ‘Str8 Drop Studios, where he created all of the beats. Striving for an organic and authentic sound, Skorge da Hoodlum put him and his personality first on this record.

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Using music to reach out to and connect with people, Skorge da Hoodlum seeks to make real connections with people through his music. Self-producing and self-recording, he is in complete control of all his recordings, yielding truthful and authentic performances. Motivated to create a legacy, Skorge da Hoodlum has worked tirelessly releasing music and videos online and starting his own label.

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