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Since coming on the scene in 2010, Sleeping With Sirens has tested the musical boundaries of rock.

The American band are known for being a little bit different as opposed to your standard rock bands by walking a tightrope between pop, metal, hardcore, electronic, acoustic and even a little R&B. Back with their latest album ‘How It Feels To Be Lost’ (Out September 6th 2019), I got the opportunity to sit down with Kellin Quinn and Justin Hills at their photoshoot in London a few weeks back.

You’ve just announced the release date of your new album ‘How It Feels To Be Lost’, can you tell me a little bit more about it?

Kellin – The theme of conversation about our music so far has been ‘heavy’ and the reason I think that we’ve been saying that is not just because it has a heavy vibe to it but the content that we’re talking about and the music is heavy. I think there is a difference between playing music for the sake of it, just being heavy and screaming for the sake of screaming or to do it where it makes sense with things that matter and things you’re really trying to scream out that people know or that they can understand. I think that’s definitely the theme for us, this album is personally about things that I was going through in my life, the music corresponds with the themes going on

Tell me about your songwriting process? Is it different each time?

Kellin-  Yeah I think it’s different each time! As a band, we work quite well where we put ourselves in a situation and try to figure it out, I think if it’s too complicated (our last record was like that) then when we feel that way it doesn’t feel as natural, it feels forced!

Justin – Yeah I agree, it’s hard to have that connection when you feel like you have a lot of pressure, it’s hard to get into those songs afterwards because you’re constantly thinking about the process like what you went through when you made the songs and it kind of takes away from having fun with performing it

Tell us about a song that you have written on the new album that stands out for you?

Kellin – Oh yeah! There’s a lot of them for different reasons but if I had to pick one off the top of my head right now, I’d say for me, one of the most important songs on the record is ‘Leave it all behind’ which will be our first single that we’re gonna put out and the reason being is because I think that we struggle as human beings with certain thoughts in our heads sometimes and we dismiss them because they might be dark or dangerous to think about! It’s difficult to think about depression or anxiety and take it to the point where you ask yourself, “Do I want to be here still?” and I think that song really tackles that thought head-on, it faces it and brings it round to “I’m thinking about this thought in my head and I’m thinking about the possibility about “Do I still want to be here? and then realising that you do”. I think that’s a really important song for us!

Name one item that you always take on tour?

Kellin – a hairbrush for me *laughs* but I always seem to forget it

Justin – for me now it’s actually a hairdryer because if I don’t I have this spot on the front of my head that looks like I’m balding

What’s been your favourite venue to perform in?

Justin – I’m going to say Brixton Academy! It’s been one of our biggest shows in the UK to date! The atmosphere in there is really cool! When I think of a big club show, my brain always goes to Brixton!

Kellin – I’ll say Underworld Camden to counteract that because I like intimate gigs that are sweaty and loud. If it smells like beer on the floor then that’s the one I like.

Sophie Bird with Kellin Quinn and Justin Hills

You played All Points East, what’s your favourite thing about a UK festival crowd?

Kellin – I really love playing music over here so I’d say everything

Justin –  Same! We don’t get to perform over here as much so I feel like our fans appreciate it more plus it’s always a good time!

Kellin – Totally agree! and I think Rock still lives well here and in the states, it’s all about pop or hip-hop now. The UK still has a big rock vibe

What would the theme song of your life?

Justin – All The Small Things by Blink 182 *laughs*

Kellin – that’s not true *laughs* that’s a really hard question. You know your dude, say it first

Justin – Korn got the life because being in a band is the life and I’ve got the life

Kellin – I feel like that’s not your real answer but mine would be Landslide

What’s next for Sleeping With Sirens?

Kellin – Lots of touring

Check out their latest release here:


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