valentine day

So it’s that time of year again, and a number of us are struggling to think of the right gift for our girl.

Last year, we panic bought flowers and chocolates, which was a little unoriginal. As was the year before… and, the year before that. So it may be true that you cannot go wrong with the classic combination of roses and Belgian chocolate, but it can sometimes come across as a tad boring.

If you want to really impress the lady in your life this year, or it is your first Valentine’s Day together and want to show her your creative side, why not do something different? Thinking outside the box may help. For example, is your partner a professional or looking to get her name out businesswise? Why not hook her up with some cool and quality business cards. Is she a fan of the great outdoors, perhaps? Surprise her with a GPS Locator or a GoPro.

What may be suitable for one person may be very confusing to receive as a gift for another, so check out these ideas for how to ensure you get the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.

Find out what her passion is

If you don’t already know what makes your girl excited, or what she loves to do in her spare time, ask a few subtle questions. Better yet, if you are on good terms with her friends and family, why not ask someone who knows her better to suggest what she might like.

Finding out what is dear to her heart and buying her a gift to match will make a big impression, and potentially win you some brownie points!

Is it something you can use or do together?

OK, choose wisely here if you are considering a gift which you can both enjoy. For example, two tickets to watch Manchester City in the Champion’s League may not go down too well, unless she’s into her football!

Maybe a break in a spa and hotel, or a city hop for the weekend may be a well-received gift, which also gives you the opportunity for some alone time for the two of you.

How long have you been together?

This is an important one! The size or worth of your Valentine’s Day gift should really be in line with how long you have been dating or married. If you have only been out together on a few occasions, don’t overdo it! You may scare her off. After all, a lady is probably not going to be too excited about a weekend away in Paris with you, if she has only met you once.

On the other hand, if you have been married for 15 years and still can’t pick a good Valentine’s Day gift out, you may be looking at a spell in the doghouse!

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, it is probably the only occasion where the phrase “it is the thought that counts,” really rings through. So, best to get your thinking cap on if you want a happy lady come February 14th!