As the world try and pulls  it self back up from the current economic depression, 2010 spring fashion brings a smile to everyone’s face. With  fashion-forward  styles moving away from retro and vintage. Here are a few top style  predictions for clothes and accessories that want break you bank.

Crop tops…
Brace yourself ladies the 90’s are back and its all about Crop tops. Emerging from the Catwalk to high street stores, celebrities such as fashion icon Kim Kardashian cannot get enough. Personally I’m loving it! A pair of jeans, heels and a crop top is all you need for any occasion. But you have been warned, it’s all about the mid drift, so tuck in those bellies or run straight to the gym. Crop tops are a definite must have this summer, so it will be worth it! As they come in different styles, from tight fit to loose fit, find the right crop top to suit your body type or it won’t work. Also look out for the fantastic ranges of crop jackets, cardigan and shirts in your local high street stores.

Bright  Bangles – Happy tones
Bangles are always there to  bring that extra bit of texture to an outfit. So with Bright bangle  taking over the high street, there no excuse to look dull this spring.


Boots, boots and more BOOTS!
From shoe boots to  over-the-knee  boots are the must-have item for 2010. From flats to those daring   enough to wear the thigh high boots, theres a pair to fit with your  style. I love the peek-toe ankle boots look-fire! We have a choice of  elegant suedes to darkly futuristic wound-and-bound leathers, the  options  are many and various.

Pink  – Magenta crazy
No not Barbie girl pink but  more Megenta/flusia pink. Defiantly a piece of item to brighten up your  wardrobe this spring. From dresses to bags to shoes, we will have a  wide range to choose from.


Jumpsuits & playsuits
Every so often, one-piece  styles  of clothing have a come back. What started with bodysuits has now grown  into the jumpsuit and playsuits trend. for Spring 2010 we welcome them  back, even though as a unique style they won’t be for everyone, but  they will offer more options and styles than you’d think.

Knee  high/over  the knee socks – ooohhh sexy
Knee high socks and  over-the-knee  and thigh high socks – are back as a trend, and the options on how to  wear them vary. From the stripy to the sparkly, to layerings of socks  over tights; a great pair of socks can add a unique look to an outfit.


Denim/ Ripped jeans are  back…
Denim is back? Errr was they  ever out I hear you ask. No but this season it will be all denim  everything  not just jeans. So get customising because ripped jeans are back to.  Also look on u-tube for tips on how to rip up jeans. I love ripped  jeans,  yay!

See-through and sheer fabrics trend
This Spring and Summer fashion   tends to get a little more revealing; blame it on the sun.. 2009/2010’s  sheer pieces are a mixture of chic and feminine, to the opposite  extremes  of the hardcore sex icon

Remember trends come and go…but  fashions for life, so stay individual and unique!

Words by Eboni Burrowes



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