body gossipHow do you feel about your body?

Do you love your freckles?

Wish you had a smaller bottom?

Are you gym addicted?

Do you compare yourself to your friends?

Does beauty and fashion advertising make you feel self-conscious?

Do you secretly wish you looked like your favourite celeb?

Do you think dieting is stupid, or necessary?

We all have a body and we all feel a certain way about it. Body Gossip
 wants to hear YOUR thoughts on YOUR body.

Your story can be in the form of a poem, a sketch or a monologue, up to a
maximum of 1,500 words (it can be as short as you like).

 YOUR story could be chosen to be published in our first ever Body Gossip
 book. You can share your story publicly or anonymously and it could
be read by thousands.

 Body Gossip is a positive body image campaign that has invited people all over the world to write their story about their body and share it with other people. Body Gossip then showcases these stories in short films performed by a cast of well-known actors
 ( and aims to celebrate unique, healthy and realistic body shapes and sizes. We’re part of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Body Image and have recently worked with Gok Wan.

Now you can be part of our body image revolution – Write your story

 more information (including some inspiration on what to write about)
and to submit your story, please visit