Summer Cooking Masterclasses at Tool Shed

Brand new Tool Shed @ W2, in Connaught Village, is the home of modernist cooking and specialises in the sous vide technique.

Tool Shed @ W2 not only offers a retail environment to purchase their products, but also a training kitchen where customers can learn how to get the most out of their products. They stock everything from sous vide cookers to food dehydrators, blow torches and kitchen knives. They even have some spectacular devices for charcoal cooking, perfect for this summer weather.

Summer Cooking Masterclasses at Tool Shed

Tool Shed @ W2 has launched some very exciting cooking masterclasses this summer

  • Modern cooking with Gadgets class (11th September)

This course comprises of useful tips and techniques that utilise their extensive range of modernist culinary equipment. The course also includes a full tasting experience, unique recipes and extensive tricks of the trade that you never imagined being able to do at home. Get hints and tips from their talented development chefs and learn how restaurant secrets can make a difference to your cooking at home.

  • Social sharing plates class (11th August, 29th August and 22nd September)

This course will demonstrate how modern cooking techniques can be applied to create simple yet delicious tapas style dishes to create a relaxed dining atmosphere where sharing and socialising is at the heart.

  • Knife Skills (15th August, 29th August and 11th September)

This course is only 2 hours and runs through the basic uses of knives from a professional point of view. Use your new skills to prepare ingredients for your lunch/light evening meal to be enjoyed at the end of the class.

  • Dress to impress; salads and healthy cooking class (14th August)

Let their development chefs show you how to create more than ‘just a salad’ and turn this side dish into centre stage. Learn how textures, flavours and a little bit of know-how can bring a salad to life.