layla2There is still time to prepare your skin for a summer holiday according to celebrity make up artist Daniel Sandler.  Here are his top tips for successful summer skincare.

1)    Exfoliate parts of your body which haven’t seen the light of day in ages, so your skin looks it’s best and tans evenly.  Work on areas such as knees, elbows and backs of feet that get forgotten about most of the year.  Using a damp, sonic cleansing brush and cleanser two or three times a week will do the trick, even the most sensitive of skins will love effect the Clarisonic gives your skin.

2)    Don’t forget that your face will tan it’s best with a daily dose of mild exfoliation too, but whereas harsh exfoliators and face scrubs can strip away the protective layer making skin prone to sun burn that leads to ageing, the Clarisonic can’t over-exfoliate due to the built-in timer which tells you when you’ve worked on an area for long enough.

3)    Top Tip: Always apply a good face and body moisturiser with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) after using the Clarisonic as this will nourish and protect the prepared skin.

4)    If cellulite is a concern try anti-cellulite body creams to help thighs appear smoother and firmer. These are treatment creams so you will need to use them as directed and not as an over-night wonder potion.

5)    Fake tans can go horribly wrong; they often go patchy and too dark too quickly.  The answer is to apply a tinted face and body moisturiser that gently builds up the desired “glow” which you can control.  You can start at least 4 weeks before you go away. Choose a tinted face and body moisturiser which suits your skin tone, ie: fair-light, medium-olive, or dark skinned.

6)    Top Tip: Apply the tinted face and body moisturiser as evenly as possible taking your time to blend. Perhaps ask a friend to help apply with application to areas you can’t reach.

7)    Avoid getting sun-less tanning creams in your hairline and eye brows, especially if you’re blonde or grey haired, by popping a little petroleum jelly to those areas first.

8)    Top Tip: Make sure you wipe the palms of your hands and nail cuticles with a handy wet wipe to avoid brightly-dyed orange stains from fake tanning lotions.


The Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System for the face and body is available at Harrods, Selfridges, Fenwicks, Bentalls and SpaceNK stores nationwide as well as growing list of spas and salons.  It costs £175 which includes two brush heads, three cleansers and a body polish.   More information including a list of stockists: or telephone 0800 988 4864.