Braids are making appearances both on and off the red carpet – and there’s no celebrity who creates more electrifying buzz than beautiful R&B singer Rihanna.

The Bajan starlet is a fashion supernova. Her captivating style married with her flawless beauty keep the paparazzi and her fans constantly watching and waiting
to see what look she will be sporting next…

Rihanna was recently spotted rocking one long Grecian braid. Dionne Smith from De’Chars talks us through how we can rock the braided look:

1.Make sure your hair is tangle free, so brush it out first.
2.Then part your hair into two. Preferably from the one side to your ear to the bottom of your nape in a diagonal motion and then you start your cornrow from where the parting started.
3.Where the ear is you cornrow the hair across the front right out to the end, and the second cornrow you start from where the end of that last cornrow finished over near the other ear coming back above near the other ear.
4.So once it’s flattened out, you then plait it. Take the ends of the plait and wrap it around the head randomly and pin into place. You can play with the ends randomly you can sort of twist them and turn them and pin them how you like. And there you have it, the finished look.

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Dionne is an award winning Hair Stylist specialising in Afro and European Hair Types. I regularly shoot for Black Beauty and Hair Magazine, and I now style for Sleek Hair styling models for all advertising/ promotional material and weave/braid packets. I also do lots of celebrity and model shoots for Flavour Magazine and I session style with Malcolm Edwards on London Fashion Week. I have styled lots of models, completed celebrity make-overs and I really enjoy my job and the creativity of it. I can do casual styles, fabulous colouring to very Avant Garde!