The chart-topping RnB trio, SWV, are back to release their first album in more than 13 years!

The all girl 90’s sensation have a reality show in the pipeline, tour ahead and new album on the way, SWV are back to prove they truly are the sisters with voices once more. Brought together at the start of their phenomenal decade, as a gospel formation, they gained popularity with hits ‘Weak’, You’re The One’ and ‘Right Here/Human Nature’, a remix of their first single ‘Right Here’ with samples from Michael Jackson’s ‘Human Nature’. Epitomising the genre as one of the most successful acts of their time, their reign ended in 1998 when members Cheryl ‘Coko’ Gamble, Tamara ‘Taj’ Johnson and Leanna ‘Lelee’ Lyons decided to part. Talking about their breakup in an interview for Tim Westwood TV in February, Taj explained what happened all those years ago:

“I think it was 1997, ’98, we just needed some time apart as women. Women can’t get along forever, we just needed time apart. Back then, its not like how it is now, our fights were all private.”

The ladies went off separately to star in reality TV shows, rediscover their gospel roots and raise families. Reforming in 2005, the singers have performed with Alicia Keys, Blackstreet and a host of other artists, and now in their late 30’s/early 40, they have signed to Mass Appeal Entertainment for their comeback. Featuring on Chris Brown’s remake of their ‘Right Here/Human Nature’ track, ‘She Ain’t You’, SWV are easing back into the limelight ahead of their new single release.

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