helldateBET’s Hell Date is a quirky dating show with a difference. This fresh and contemporary programme sees actors with fantastic improvisation skills go on a date with unsuspecting men or women who unbeknown to them are on a date from hell. Four members of the cast – Simone, Kiah, Donnivin and Zainab – touched down in England and hooked up with Flavour to tell us their dating tips and what they look for in a perfect partner.

What do you look for in a perfect partner?
Donnivin: I don’t know?
Zainab: Does she have to be able to read?
Donnivin: Nah, ABC’s is fine. As long as she’s got a cute butt and a smile or at least. Know how to use a microwave and bring me some food. Oh and she doesn’t speak English. (Everyone laughs).
Kiah: I look for height and intelligence and a sense of humour. Somebody that can bring something to the table so we can help each other grow.
Simone: I want somebody who is fun and treats me nice more than just some of the time. Someone that’s honest and who can be my friend.
Zainab: My perfect guy would be tall, athletic and have a sense of humour.

Do you have any dating tips?
Donnivin: Be honest and be yourself.
Simone: Be cute and wear nice shoes.
Zainab: Brush your teeth. (Laughs)

Catch Hell Date every Tuesday and Thursday at 9pm on BET.

Photography by Jordan Roach

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