Tulisa Surgery: We’ve gathered 10 images revealing Tulisa‘s facial changes from cosmetic surgery and botox. From N-Dubz to X Factor, Tulisa’s botox has changed her lips, and cheek bones. The question everyone is asking is whether or not Tulisa has had surgery. Well judging from the images the evidence is clear.

See for yourself. Does Tulisa look better now or before? Leave your comments below.

image Where it all started, with N-Dubz, Tulisa was a natural fresh faced beauty, showing her Greek heritage with her shiny raven hair.

imageN-Dubz popularity grows and Tulisa goes for the blond look.

image Criticized for being a “Chav” by the tabloids, they loved to catch Tulisa on an off day.

imageGone a bit over board with the fake tan, Tulisa is about to hit our screens for the X Factor.

image Polished to perfection, Tulisa looked elegiant but with an edge, showing her tats off.

image She got it right! Flowing dark hair, curvy and happy. Tulisa at her best.

imageShe back in X factor and blonder than ever, looking slim and toned in her signature bandage dress.

imageAfter a year of scandal from sex tape to drug deals Tulisa unveils her new look on her own Instagram. Looking like she’s had a few modifications, fuller lips, a little botox?

image Tulisa in court this week Jan 2014, some of the stars changing looks can be put down to maturity and weight loss and maybe one or two surgical procedures?


Tulisa posted this on her instagram account 4 days ago saying “Loving my new ash brown hair for summer” funny how she fails to mention all of her surgery…


Tulisa Contostavlos

Tulisa emerges from the sea on her return to X Factor in October 2014, Her body looks great, although its slightly weird that she would emerge from the sea on a music show right?

Tulisa Contostavlos, filims new music video "Living without you", 15th October 2014

October 2014, Tulisa releases new photo from her brand new single ‘Living Without you’ and had to release a lyric video as her song got leaked on the internet in advance of its release date.

Does Tulisa look better now or before? Leave your comments below.