Catch it if you can!
Google Nexus S by Samsung

Only the second phone by Google, the Nexus S is the first phone in the world to feature a curved screen – it looks good and reflects up to four times less sunlight than traditional LCD screens. It was also the first phone in the world to come with the latest Android operating system – Gingerbread. As well as video calling, Gingerbread adds near field communication (NFC), allowing your phone to access information and images from special tags on almost anything – just by being close to it. The possibilities are endless and about to become a reality, making this phone a must-have must!

, Free on a £30/month tariff, or SIM free £429.95

Fresh faces
Ice-Chrono by Ice-Watch

When it comes to cool technology, the way it looks is sometimes more important than what it actually does – and the Ice-Chrono looks really good. And it does it well. Available with a red, white, orange or yellow strap, always with a sleek black face, the Ice-Chrono is all about making a statement. Wear this bad boy and you’ll be checking the date and time a lot. You can rest assured that as an Ice-Watch it will keep time like a dream on its oversize face – but that’s not really why you want it, is it?


Go to for where to buy, RRP £125

First-class and fit as…
Apple iPod Nano

Nothing feels better than walking to the sound of your favourite tunes… especially if you’re using the new iPod Nano. Not much bigger than a stamp, the latest Nano is small and stylish as hell. It’s not lacking in the technology department either. The multi-touch screen lets your fingers access up to 16GB of music, FM Radio and much more. What’s more, if you’re that way inclined, the Nano can team up with the Nike+ iPod Sport Kit to help keep you fit – measuring workout times, pace, steps and distance. So clip it where you like and get your swagger on!

10ipodnano_lineup, From £131

Pump up the volume
Heartbeats by Lady Gaga

OK, so you’ve got all your tunes on your iPod Nano, but let’s face it, the headphones that come with it aren’t great – and if you’re really gonna get your swagger on, you’re going to need some proper hardware. Enter Heartbeats by Lady Gaga. With a pretty good idea about both music and style, Lady Gaga has designed these in-ear headphones to look as good as they sound. A club-calibre bass end matched with precise highs gives the soundtrack to your life the quality it needs. Built-in control talk functionality means you can control your iPod from in-line controls, or stick the headphones in an iPhone and make calls with the built-in microphone.


Go to for where to buy, RRP £49.95

Thumbs up!

Throw out your USB sticks and welcome the Leyio into your life. With 16GB to hold music, pictures and documents, the Leyio sounds pretty standard, right? Wrong – because when it comes to sharing that data, it’s anything but. Get two Leyios together and they can wirelessly swap files at a rate of 10MB per second – over radio waves! If your ill-informed mate doesn’t have one (yet!), it has a built-in USB port and a built-in USB stick to the tune of 2GB. Should your Leyio fall into the wrong hands, your data is safe – only accessible by scanning the owner’s thumb on the biometric security lock.

, £129.99

Bells and whistles
Biometric Wallet by Dunhill

This is the ultimate in style-meets-technology. With the design quality you’d expect from Alfred Dunhill, the exterior of this wallet is highly durable carbon fibre, while the interior combines luxurious leather and stainless steel. You can see how good it looks, but it’s what you can’t see that’s really exciting. The wallet features a biometric fingerprint lock, opening the near indestructible wallet only by your touch. Safer still, it can be linked via Bluetooth to your phone, sounding an alarm if the two are ever separated by more than five metres. If you think about it, that’s security for your phone too!

QGK0169_C, £570

Compiled by David Jackson; prices at time of going to press