Flavour catches up with the UK’s hottest girl band The Saturdays. Formed in 2007, Una Healy, Mollie King, Frankie Sandford, Rochelle Wiseman and Vanessa White are the girls responsible for Top 10 hits such as ‘If This Is Love’ and ‘Ego’. With 10 UK Top 10 singles under their belt, and only 11 released, it’s clear these girls are on fire!

The new album On Your Radar sees a transition for the successful group, and they have been working with an all-star cast of producers, including Space Cowboy, Steve Mac, David Eriksen and Brian Higgins. This their third album is more varied than previous offerings, featuring genres such as dance, R&B and pop.

Their All Fired Up tour, which is also the name of their second single from the album, starts this December. Earlier this year the girls sold out a 22-date headline tour, proving their live shows are something not to be missed. Flavour chats to these current style role models about their beauty and style essentials…

What beauty products do you steal from your bandmates?
I steal things from Vanessa; it just happens, my make-up bag is filled with Vanessa’s make-up: I’ve got a lip gloss, eye shadow and her fav Iman bronzer – mine ran out and she’s got loads. I’m not really intending to give it back [laughs].

What would you say your boyfriend Marvin’s (from JLS) favourite part of your body is?
My bum – it’s kinda my least favourite part of my body. He’s a bum guy and I’ve got quite a lot of it [laughs]. He doesn’t really like when a girl has no bum; he’s like there’s nothing worse. It’s kinda nice that he likes something I don’t like too much because it makes you feel better about it.

If you could change one part of your body what would it be?
I would change my legs if I could change anything: I think they’re a funny shape; whether I go up or down in weight the shape of them around my knees is a bit weird; I don’t really like it.

What is your favourite polish brand to show off your nails?
Oh, I’ve got to pick two: I love Estée Lauder and I love OPI. Oh! And of course our range with FashionistA.

If you were stranded on a desert island and allowed to receive one parcel, what would be in it?
I would pick a maxi dress and MoroccanOil hair treatment, I love that! I’ve actually got it in now; I would definitely have to have that. I would ask for my Iman bronzer, mascara and lip balm.

Which do you prefer – thongs or French knickers, and why?
French knickers, because they’re not all ‘up there’, if you know what I mean.

What’s your ideal everyday shoe?
Definitely the highest heel you could possibly find, because I’m quite short anyway.

What’s your most favourite lipstick colour and brand?
It would be Ruby Woo from Mac; I just love a red lip.

What’s your most favourite recent purchase?
I bought an Alexander McQueen scarf the other day in yellow and red – I’ve got a bit of a thing for scarves; I’ve got basically every colour. I’m a bit obsessed, but yeah, that’s the latest one I’ve got.


What is your favourite part of your body?
I don’t really like anything about my body; I just get on with it. I work out with a trainer to get the best body I can really.

Do you wax or shave?
Definitely wax; I’m addicted to waxing, I have my own wax pot and I’m a confident waxer. I shave my underarms, though.

What beauty product could you never part with?
I would say my Decléor cleanser. It’s really gentle on my skin and I just really love it. It’s good for getting make-up off too.

If you had to choose one make-up item to take on holiday with you, what would it be?
Probably my Chanel foundation.

Who is your favourite designer or brand of all time and why?
I would say Ralph Lauren; I just love all his stuff: it’s very classic, it would never go out of fashion, it’s really classy, and I kind of like that preppy look.

What was the hottest thing you remember as a teen?
I was a real tomboy when I was younger. When I was 12, there were these really baggy jeans called Bolt. I loved them, everyone was wearing them – I wouldn’t be caught dead in them now.

What’s your favourite product to use for your hair?

My favourite hair product is a good treatment called MoroccanOil hair treatment; the best treatment is to not wash your hair, actually. If I’ve got a day off, I won’t wash my hair.

Wedges or platforms?
I think platforms – wedges are good, but apparently some men find them unattractive.

What do you remember being the hottest hair trend?
When everyone was straightening their hair before GHDs, girls were using an iron. I remember trying it and it really dried my hair out.

What’s your favourite accessory?
I like a nice pair of sunglasses, even if it’s in the winter.

If you could invent an edible lip balm, what would it be?
Something really chocolatey, or anything really fruity.

How’s pregnancy so far?
It’s great. I’m enjoying it so far; I haven’t really got much to say about it as it’s early days. You wouldn’t look at me right now and be able to tell I’m pregnant.

If you could design your own eye shadow compact, what colours would we find?
I really like dark eyes, so it’d be a few shades of grey.

If you had to choose one make-up item to take on holiday with you, what would it be?
Mascara or my Saturdays FashionistA nail varnish.

Tell us a little bit about the latest album?
I’d say the new album is a lot more varied than our other albums. The songs span different genres, including a bit of dance, R&B and of course pop. It also means a lot to us because we’ve written half of the album ourselves.

What can we expect from the All Fired Up tour?
It’ll definitely be our biggest and best tour yet. We’ll be singing all our hits, plus we’ve got loads of surprises in store. Expect a MASSIVE party, so bring all your mates! It’s also around Christmas time, so it’s a perfect holiday night out.

What song from the album do you find yourself dancing around to most?
Definitely ‘All Fired Up’, it was made for the dance floor!

What’s the hottest fashion piece you’ve bought recently?
The blazers at Zara are great; they’re affordable and look fab.

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Words by Tovonya Raybe



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