The Top 4 Leeds Properties That Won't Sell

Many view Leeds as a desirable living and working location. With a thriving tech city centre scene, affluent suburbs and an energetic student population, it’s one of the top cities to live in across the country.

On the flip side of this, Leeds is still home to a growing number of residential properties that struggle to get sold. 

As property-buying experts, allowing you to sell your house fast in Leeds, Open Property Group have researched the 4 Leeds properties that have been on the open market for over 24 months. From eye-catching apartments to luxurious mansions, these are the properties that homebuyers just keep passing up on.

Top 4 Leeds Properties That Wont Sell

Langtons Wharf

Despite its grand appearance, exclusive residency and pristine beauty, a two-bedroom apartment in this building has been waiting for a buyer since 2015! This long time on the market can, however, be explained by the corporate lease on the property which expires in August of 2020. The apartment is located on the second floor of the building and comes with desirable advantages such as two bathrooms, the gorgeous riverside location of the building and its proximity to the shopping, dining and entertainment Mecca- the Corn Exchange. Buyers should expect to put up offers in the range of £182,000.

Top 4 Leeds Properties That Wont Sell

Oxley Croft, Weetwood Lane

This seven-bedroom detached home has been languishing on the real estate market since March 2018. The stately home sits on an expansive acre property and is currently priced at £ 1,975,000. The building itself, which boasts a whopping 7500 square feet of living space, exudes a stunningly classic beauty created by its gorgeous Arts and Crafts Era architecture. The property’s allure is magnified by its surrounding outdoor space, which is immaculately kept. The volume of lush greenery is irresistibly gorgeous- definitely eye candy for nature lovers, but unfortunately, the property just hasn’t struck the right eye as yet.

Top 4 Leeds Properties That Wont Sell

Cross Green Lane

Cross Green Lane is an immaculately designed complex with a location that makes it an absolute gem. But that hasn’t prevented this two-bedroom apartment on its fifth floor from languishing on the real estate market for about three years. The apartment has been available since 2017 and unfortunately, there are no takers yet. Life in this apartment will feature luxury advantages such as an on-site caretaker, high-level security facilitated by an intercom entry system, a gorgeous open concept plan in the kitchen, living and dining area and easy access to the city. Interested buyers should be prepared to fork out something in the vicinity of £135,000 to snatch up this real estate treasure.

Top 4 Leeds Properties That Wont Sell

Westfield Terrace

This two bedroom ground floor Westfield Terrace unit has been waiting unsuccessfully for someone to deem it worthy of purchase since February 2018. Occupiers will enjoy the central heating, an open-plan design in the living/dining/kitchen area and gorgeous communal gardens. Access to the apartment is through a laminate floored entrance which is outfitted with a security alarm panel and located to the rear of the building. As an added perk, the location is ideal for those who want quick and easy access to amenities. Buyers looking to snag this Leeds apartment should be prepared to spend about £135,000.

These four units have managed to stay owner free for quite some time, which is somewhat surprising given their appeal and real estate value, but perhaps they’re just waiting for the right buyer and the opportune moment.