Moving home stress free

Selling your house or flat and moving can often be a stressful experience, whether it’s because you face a daunting challenge packing all your belongings, or because of the potentially high costs involved, or any other multitude of reasons – but it doesn’t need to be.

Indeed, with some careful advance planning, moving to a new house can be a stress-free experience. There are several top tips that people use to make the process simple and straightforward, and you can simplify your move by taking the same steps.

Devise a plan for packing your belongings – When you’re ready to move, packing can perhaps seem the most overwhelming aspect. You have to box up all of your belongings and however much time you think the process might take, it’ll probably end up taking longer. But it can be manageable if you give yourself a generous amount of time for packing. You’ll need a lot of packing boxes. Start packing well in advance of the moving day, starting first with the rooms you use the least and ending with the most-used rooms such as the kitchen.

Throw things away and reduce your clutter – As you’re preparing to pack your belongings, it’s a perfect time to think about throwing away some unnecessary items to reduce your clutter and the amount of stuff you’ll have to box up for the move. Reducing the total amount of your possessions can make the transition to a new place quicker and go more smoothly, and it will also potentially free up more space at your next home.


Pack your liquids separately from all other items – Once you start boxing up your belongings, you’ll want to place all your liquids (toiletries and other items) in their separate containers. This guards against the liquids damaging your furniture, clothes or other items in the event that a spill happens during the move.

Label your boxes when packing – This step can make the difference between an easy unpacking at your new home and a very stressful move. When you are packing your belongings, be sure to write in large permanent marker on the boxes which room at the new place that the boxes should be placed, as well as a very short description of what they contain. This will be a massive help in simplifying the moving and unpacking process.

Take some pictures of how to connect electrical devices – Almost everyone has at home a complicated television, computer or other devices with several cables jutting out the back. If you take some pictures of where each cable goes while they’re still installed at your existing home, you can use those as a guide to save a huge amount of time and stress when you reinstall the devices at your new location.

Take your time to choose a reputable removal firm – It is possible to attempt a full home move on your own by renting a truck and moving all the furniture, boxes and other items – but this is rife with problems, not least the huge amount of time and effort involved and the potential for accidents to happen. To make the move less stressful, contact a removal firm to do all the heavy lifting. But browse online reviews to find a company that has a solid reputation, and get quotes from more than one firm so that you can find the best possible offer.

Cancel utilities at your old home, and organise them for the new place – This is a simple bookkeeping measure that can nevertheless be a crucial component of a zero-stress move. When you’re leaving a home it’s important to cancel any utility contracts that have your name on them, such as internet, water, electricity or others. This helps you to avoid getting any surprise unwanted bills in the future. But just as important is to plan ahead to make sure these utilities are set up for your new home so that everything you need is available from the day that you move in.

What’s the best way to make my house sale stress-free?

No matter which way you choose to sell your home – by auction, through an estate, or through a trustworthy and proven property buying company like – when the time comes you need to prepare properly for moving because it can be a highly stressful experience.

Following the tips above should give you the information you need to simplify the entire process from packing through to moving and unpacking at your new home.

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