Tony Stryor and Kallyz

Inspired by the apocalypse and conceptualised around the emotion of rage, ‘Discordia’ is the latest release to come from Peruvian artists Tony Stryor and Kallyz.

Rooted in Trap, the album pushes the music to a darker place, with both Tony and Kallyz researching demons and other agents of the apocalypse for their lyrics. Musically portraying a dark ambient landscape, the aggressive lyrics convey a sense of rage and destruction that transcends language.

Tony Stryor and Kallyz both reside in the Peruvian jungle and have been making music together for ten years. They are ready to start the next chapter with their music with their new label Discorbass Records which they set up earlier this year. Influenced by $uicideboy$ and Ghostemane and underground rap, they cram different styles and textures into their music, creating their own brand of dark trap

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