It is no secret that celebrities set the tone for fashion with almost everything they wear and do. When it comes to watches what those in the spotlight are sporting soon become the most wanted. The more famous the celebrity then it seems the more famous the watch becomes.

The interesting factor to consider here is when the celebrities are wearing the watch. Is it during one of their performances or on their personal time? There can be some major difference between these. Often when they are being worn during a performance the jewelry manufacturer may have donated the piece for their marketing exposure. In that case it may not be the real taste of the celeb when it comes to their choice of a luxury watch.

Sofia Vergara
Sofia was seen wearing an impressive Gold Rolex Daytona while she was applying her lipstick. It would be hard to say who was getting the most attention at the moment, her or the watch.

Daniel Craig
It couldn’t help but to be noticed that Daniel was wearing a flashy Rolex GMT Master while strolling across the street.

Danica Patrick
It is not to be found surprising that Danica as a well-known race car driver would be seen sporting a Tissot T Race.

President Barack Obama
It is hard to say whether we would consider the President to be a trend setter when it comes to luxury watches. We can say though, that he displayed good taste when seen wearing the Commemorative Edition Jorg Gray 6500 Chronograph.

Every celeb of course wants to be seen wearing the top brands, but it’s clear that it’s not always the price tag that is the priority. Then with others not only is the look and style of the luxury watch that is impressive, so is the price tag.

Ashley Tisdale
Ashley was seen wearing a beautiful and fairly expensive Gold Rolex to her premiere of the movie Journey 2. This watch rings in at around $7,100. The question is did she wear it because it’s her fav? Or was it because it matched the glitter of her dress?

Not only does Seal come to the forefront with his singing and writing talent, but also for his expensive taste in luxury watches. His purchase of the Richard Mille gold timepiece probably set him back about $475,000.

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